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The Villa  - Season 1 - Episode 2
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The Villa is located at Oko Erin off Taiwo Road in Ilorin. History had it that it was a slaughter slab in those days when Unilorin was majorly at the mini-campus, before the sacking of the 49 lecturers and before Unilorin stopped having a SUG. It was the home of strongmen.
It was some 200 metres away from the main road and it was borderd by a carnal on the south, an uncompleted two story building on the west, a mini farm on the east and a bush path to the north.

Back to the story.

I got my bag and returned to the villa, I was given a little orientation about registration and school before we slept. Now sleeping was an ish.

We had two beds in the room, one large size Mouka foam and a small hostel size bed. The beds were placed side by side. Two people sleep on the big bed, while the rest place their head on the big bed and their bodies on the small one with legs dangling on the rug. Acme and Bisola slept on the bed, well my church mind said it was because he owns the room and she’s the only lady, as usual, I believed my church mind.

Next morning we all left for school, it was a cold morning with fog everywhere. Got to school did my clearance but had to rush back to the villa cause I had to travel back to lagos that same day. If you have read Cancer a true life story you should know why I had to go back home.

I got to the villa, to our door precisely and some voices from within stopped me from opening, it was a lady screaming at the top of her voice: yeeeeeee, ori iya mi oooo (my mothers head) obo mi ti ya ooo (my p---y is torn), egba mi ooo, o fe pami ooo (please help me, he wants to kill me) please faster, faster. When I heard the last statement I almost laughed out loud, here was a lady crying for help and yet saying faster. When the streets always say ladies don’t know what they want, it was right after all.

I had to chill outside for some minutes, till TJ came back, he asked why I was outside, told him I just arrived, immediately he knew there was a match being played on the field. He walked through the passage singing Tony Tetuila you don hit my car on top of his lungs. Two minutes later, Acme came out and met us outside.

baba shey e never tey wey una come.

at all, I just land two minutes ago

we don dey hear since 30minutes ago, you be machine oooo, una no even fit dey play music to cover una sound.

boss no vex, and no be say we really do anything ooo, we just they play around the room ni hence the noise you heard

acme, shey you see tribal mark for my face abi

bosses, I need to get my bag inside, am off to lagos

Acme: hope all is well

yeah, just forgot some documents at home ni

Acme: wait let me go in first and I will signal to you to come in

Me: you want to arrange the place u guys scattered when you were running around the room bah?

We both laughed and few seconds later I got the signal to move in.

I met a beautiful, brief black lady inside the room, she was well endowed on the upper region, and her butt0ckz was well rounded, to say the least, she was beautiful, she was introduced to me as KB, you know when a short lady is endowed in every area, she looks shorter. Yeah that was KB. I really didn’t have time to access her, I just took my bags and left.

I returned from Lagos, to resumed fully and here is where the sexcapades begin.

Happy Democracy Day Nigeria. We pray this new administration lead us to the promised land.

Got back to ilorin on a sunny afternoon, just past 2pm. Got chilled pure water and garri to step it down, I got to the lodge and met the shock of my life, was it really a shock? Well, I opened the door and met Bisola on Acme ramming him like no man’s business.

I quickly moved back without turning around.
*Omo which kain tin be dis* I taught to myself, see as I just use my blues spoil people reggae this afternoon.

Sitting outside, Halima a neighbour’s daughter came back from school.

Halima was on a hijab up to her b0s0m level but that didn’t stop me from noticing the dunlop elite she carried. She was fair, chubby and beautiful, I mean very beautiful.

Halima was an SS2 students of girls school Oko-Erin, but hey, she was more matured than a final year university student. I decided to ask halima for a bowl and spoon to consume my garri, she brought the bowl and asked me to sit in their sitting room while I wait for my friends to finish. I sat there, within minutes Halima had changed to a short gown, infact it was a provocative short gown. She sat opposite me, seating carelessly, well, I tried to drink my garri in peace, but this thing opposite me had taken the peace away, I was restless. I kept my gaze on her face level while she tried to start a conversion.

bros, you are the one I saw with sister Bisola the other night

yes ooo, na me

have u called her to know you are here

Me: well, I don’t need to call her cos I stay here now

Halima: really?


By this time halima’s laps were as wide as the parted red sea and my gaze left her face level without notice to her knee level, halima was wearing a silky [email protected], from afar I could see that the region was swollen. My JT was responding to what I was seeing and I had forgotten that we were having a discussion. I was brought back to reality when she shouted bros again

yea, sorry I was lost in taught *trying to form serious*

Halima: *obviously aware of what was happening* just smiled and asked what I was thinking

about school and everything

by the way, what’s your name

am tee

so I will be calling you Tee baba

no problem if that’s good for you.
While we were discussing, Acme walked in and we shook hand, he then said we should go into the room. We got to the room and Bisola was no where to be found, so I asked

baba where Bisola now

she’s gone

gone to where?

didn’t she tell you? She moved out some days after you travelled. She just came to pick some of her things that are left

somethings like you abi

well, if u say so

so u guys are dating abi

date fire, we are not ooo. It was when she came for Post UME that I tried my luck with her ooo, and since then we have been shining each others congo


shey una two dey date ni

at all ooo, she just a friend from church and it was even admission that brought us closer

but has I dey reason am, e be like say you wan sample the girl

I will if I get the chance ooo.

The conversation continues indefinitely.

That was the last time I saw Bisola till the semester ended, we do talk on fone but she avoided me like a plague.

Later in the evening, Acme showed me another phase of dynamism..

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