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The Vow - Season 2 - Episode 48
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Sindoora shows Bharat and Aditi their room.
Bharat thanks her.

She says she has so many things to tell him but not now as he needs to get some rest.
She leaves the room.
Divya is still wondering why Bharat didn't tell her he was married.

She decides to ask him.
Chintu stops her on her way and tells her that Amar wants her to come to the room.
She says she doesn't understand what's going on as one minute Amar didn't want her to enter the room but now he wants her to.

Amar sneaks up behind her and covers her eyes with his hands then he leads her to the room.
He takes his hand off and she sees the room has been decorated the way the bedroom is decorated for newlyweds on their wedding night.

She thanks him and says she couldn't get him anything.
He says all he wants is her.
She tells him that she loves him.
He carries her to the bed.

Bharat tells Aditi that he's sorry he had to say they were married.
He says he only realised after he had said it but he thinks it's easier to go with the lie so as to stop his family from asking too many questions.
Aditi is quiet.

He says when she wants to leave, she is free to do so.
He says they will be there for a while and he won't interfere in her life neither would she in his.
Divya and Bharat meet at the temple early in the morning.

Divya asks when he got married.
Bharat says he got married to Aditi a few months ago and he's sorry for not telling her.
Divya says it's okay.
She tells him she's sorry for the way she spoke to him in front of the family.

He says it's part of the plan.
Sindoora's car is approaching.
She sees Bharat talking with Divya and tells the driver to stop the car.
The driver stops and she rushes to them.
She sees it's another man in the same jacket as Bharat was wearing.

Bharat hides behind a pillar, watching them
Sindoora asks Divya who she was talking to.
Divya says he's their neighbour.
Sindoora says she saw Bharat talking to Divya.
Divya asks why Bharat would be talking to her.
Sindoora insists she saw him.

Divya asks her what game she's playing using
Sindoora asks what she means.
Divya says Sindoora is trying to use Bharat against her but she won't allow it.
She walks away.
Aditi is at home getting the room tidied.

Bharat rushes in and quickly changes his clothes then lies on the bed pretending to be asleep.
Sindoora enters the room.
She says she didn't know he was still sleeping.
He greets her good morning.

She invites him to breakfast.
As she leaves, she tells herself that it must have been a mistake and she didn't see him.
Aditi looks very confused.
At the breakfast table, Mahua asks Aditi to tell them about Bharat.

Bharat tells them she's very shy.
Chandra asks Bharat for her favourite food so that they can make it for her.
Bharat says spinach but Aditi says lentils.
Bharat says she likes them together.
Divya knows something is up.
Later on, Divya goes to meet Aditi in the room.

She says she was watching them at breakfast and they didn't behave like newlyweds.
Aditi is nervous.
Divya says she thinks it's Bharat's fault because he's always so serious.
She says he wasn't always that way.

She offers to help Aditi so they can change him and give him a reason to smile again as he's a good person.
Aditi says Divya was saying something different yesterday about Bharat.

Divya asks if she doesn't know the plan Bharat made even as she's his wife.
Aditi looks confused.
Bharat is with his mother.
He tells her that she should be the one who owns everything and not Amar.

Sindoora says she's happy he's on her side.
Bharat asks why she gave Amar everything.
Sindoora says there is a clause in the contract that states that in the event anything happens to Amar, everything gets transferred back to her.
He asks what they are waiting for.
She says there is a man who has been helping Divya and she wants to get rid of him first.

Bharat asks who he is.
She says his name is B S.
Bharat says he will help her get rid of him.
She picks up her phone to call BS.
Bharat's phone is ringing in the room.
Aditi tells Divya that Bharat told her a little but she's afraid.

Divya tells her that she should just remember that she and Bharat will pretend to be enemies for now but will have secret meetings.
Divya leaves the room and Aditi wonders what's going on.
She picks up the phone that's still ringing.

Bharat tells Sindoora that maybe BS doesn't want to answer.
Aditi comes with the phone and gives to Bharat.
He takes the phone and quickly ends the call but pretends to be talking to someone.
Sindoora tries the number again.

He excuses himself and goes to answer it in another room
Sindoora says he must be shocked to hear from her as she didn't die.
He asks what she wants
She says she wants them to meet.
He says they should meet at the same place by
11 PM.

Aditi wonders why he's pretending in front of his mother.
At night, Sindoora and Bharat arrive at the venue.
Bharat tells Sindoora to wait outside while he goes to deal with BS.

He goes inside alone.
Sindoora watches from outside and sees his shadow and the shadow of another man.
They are fighting and she hears someone scream.
Bharat comes out and tells her that BS will no longer bother her as he's out of the way
She says it's time now to kill Amar and Divya.

She asks if he's afraid.
He says no.
Mahua and Chandra invite Aditi to join them in the kitchen to get to know them.
Aditi sees Divya peeping from behind a wall.
Divya signals for her to smile.

She smiles.
Chandra asks if anything is wrong.
Aditi says no.
Aditi and Divya are in Bharat's room.
Divya is teaching her about the types of food Bharat likes.
She gives her a list of everything.
She also gives her an orange saree and tells her it's Bharat's favourite colour so she should wear it for him.

Aditi takes it.
Next morning, Bharat is still sleeping.
Aditi comes out of the bathroom and is standing in front of the mirror.
Bharat wakes up and stares at her.
She shakes her wet hair and some of the water lands on Bharat's face.

She looks apologetic.
Sindoora comes into the room.
Sid asks Aditi if she's ready to cook for her in-laws this morning.
Aditi says yes.
Sindoora says she hopes her daughter-in-law knows what her son likes.
Bharat panics as he thinks Aditi wouldn't know.

Aditi says he likes egg plants and pudding.
Bharat is shocked.
Sindoora says it's impressive.
She gives her a saree and says it's her first present.

At breakfast, Aditi comes to serve the family wearing the saree Divya have her.
Bharat is stunned.

Chandra tells her to serve him first and to even feed him.
She freezes.
Sindoora tells her to feed him.
Aditi goes to Bharat and feeds him.
Sindoora tells Bharat to also serve her Aditi.
She asks if the food is tasty.

Bharat says it is.
Amar says it's very tasty.
Bharat is happy when Amar compliments Aditi.
Sindoora asks Aditi why she isn't wearing the saree she got her.

Aditi doesn't know what to say.
Sindoora says she's sure Bharat prefers the one she's wearing.
Mahua says they all know Bharat likes orange.
Divya is in the room.
Amar enters looking sad.

Divya asks what's wrong.
He says he got married so as to bring everyone closer and let peace reign.
Divya says everyone is happy.
Amar says Bharat is not happy and Bharat doesn't seem to like him as he's always cold when he sees him.

Divya tells him not to worry about it as they are not even sure he's Sindoora's son.
Amar says Sindoora says he's her son.
Bharat is listening by the door.
Divya alone sees him.
Amar says he also feels a kind of pull towards Bharat and feels like Bharat is pretending and almost wants to apologise to him.

He says he feels like their souls are connected.
Divya says if he's really Sindoora's son, then it means they are related.
Bharat leaves in tears.

Later on, Divya goes to meet Bharat in a
secluded part of the house.
She says it's strange that Amar doesn't remember the past but feels a pull towards him.
Bharat says he doesn't know if things will ever be okay with him and Amar because Sindoora has asked him to kill Amar.

Divya is shocked.
She asks what his response was.
He says he agreed to do it.
Divya gasps.

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