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The Vow - Season 2 - Episode 51
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It's morning, Aditi wakes up and Bharat is still asleep.

She sees his hand is resting partly on her veil.
She tries to take his hand off but he wakes up and as he gets up to leave the room, the veil is caught in his watch.

There is an exchange of awkward glances between them.
He says he's sorry and takes her veil off.
Amar comes to see Uma in her room.
She calls him Sagar.

He says she has always known he was Sagar.
She says yes and hugs him.
Divya is watching from the doorway with tears in her eyes.
Amar begs Uma not to tell anyone that he's Sagar.
Mahua is talking to a reporter who has come to the house

Aditi enters the living room and Mahua tells her that the reporter is writing an article about Sindoora and her family so they would like to take photos of her.
Aditi panics because she doesn't want Karan to see the photos and know where she is
Mahua tells her to go in and change into another outfit.

Aditi gets inside the room and gives Bharat a call.
He tells her what to do.
When it's time for the photo, Aditi puts her veil over her head.
Mahua tells her to take it off as her face isn't showing.

The reporter says it's okay to leave it on.
Amar sees Hema eating in her room and he smiles to himself.
As he's about to leave, he sees the photo of Cheenu and Shalu on the table.
He becomes sad and tells himself that they are gone forever.

Divya sees him and says they may return in another form in the future.
Amar says he doesn't know where Sindoora has taken off to but he knows she will return with a new plan.

He says they will carry out their new plan tonight and Divya should let Bharat know.
Sindoora returns home and Bharat follows her as she goes into her room.

He asks her where she has been.
She asks him how Amar was able to survive.
He says she was the one who changed the plans.
She brings out the photo of him and Divya at the temple talking.

She tells him to explain what was happening there because she knows it was him and that was why she changed the plans.
Bharat stares at the photo in shock.
He takes it from her and acts like he's hurt.
He asks if she believes the photo.

He says she should have asked Divya who it was because it's her face she can see in it and a lot of people have the same type of suit so it could have been anyone.
He sheds fake tears and says she doesn't need him and nobody does.

As he is leaving the room, she calls him back and says maybe he was right and she was wrong and she made the mistake of doing the job on her own.
She says she can't believe she suspected her own son.

Bharat asks if he should get ready to attack Amar again.
She says they have to wait because the elections are approaching.
Bharat says he is getting impatient and wants Amar dead now.

Sindoora wakes up in the middle of the night.
She hears a creaking sound.
She looks at a corner of her room and sees Sagar sitting in her rocking chair, wearing the blood stained clothes she killed him.

She screams and runs out of the room.
The members of the household come out of their rooms and ask what happened.
She says she saw Sagar.
They enter the room and it's empty.

She sees Amar approaching in his regular sleepwear.
She is shocked.
Divya says what she saw might be an indication of what is to come.
Everyone returns to bed.

In the morning, Bharat is in front of the mirror brushing his hair.
He sees Aditi through the mirror and stares at her.
As they walk past each other, the bump and the towel in Aditi's hand falls down.

They both bend to pick it up then stare at each other again.
Aditi goes to the dressing table and applies vermillion on her forehead.
She tells Bharat that she needs him to help her get some more vermillion because she has run out and she's tired of asking Divya.

Sindoora gets to work looking troubled.
Her secretary asks if she's okay.
Divya goes to Aditi's room to ask if she's not ready to go out with her.
Aditi says she doesn't want to.
Divya says she needs to go out and get her some things otherwise Bharat won't be happy with her.

They get to the market and Divya says it's the same neighbourhood that Bharat and Aditi lived in before.
She tells Aditi to wait while she gets something from a shop.

As Divya leaves, Karan drives past Aditi but he doesn't see her.
She sees him and panics.
She sees the car coming back and starts running.
Divya comes out of the shop and sees her running.

She runs after her and stops her
The car drives up to them but it's someone else in it, not Karan.
Sindoora peeps into the office conference room and sees Amar giving a business presentation.

She wonders how he is able to do it since he didn't study business and only Sagar could have done it.

She wonders if he now remembers the past and used it against her last night.
She enters the conference room and to her surprise, Bharat is the one presenting while Amar is sitting.

She leaves the room very confused.
Bharat comes to meet her in the office and tells her that the presentation went well and Amar couldn't make any contributions because he doesn't know the business.

Sindoora becomes even more confused.
On the way home, Divya asks Aditi what the problem is.
Aditi says she doesn't like going to strange places.

Divya says next time she would stay by her side.
Sindoora's secretary brings some documents to her and says they are already signed.
Sindoora is surprised.

She checks and sees Sagar's signature.
She wonders if Amar is the one doing it.
She concludes that he must have remembered that he's Sagar.

She says he is trying to play games with her but it's not that easy.
She goes to Amar's office and tells him that she knows what he's up to as she's not stupid.
He acts confused.

Bharat walks in and asks Sindoora what's going on.
Sindoora says Amar is trying to scare her.
She drags Amar to her office and asks him why he signed the papers as Sagar Pratap Singh.

He opens it and the signature is in Amar's name.
He shows it to her.
She gets surprised and befuddled.
He says she and Divya keep talking about Sagar but he's not Sagar, he's Amar.

Bharat tells Amar to leave.
He leaves and Sindoora says she's sure Amar is playing games with her and remembers his past life as Sagar.
Bharat tells her it's not possible.
Sindoora says Amar must have changed the papers when she left the room.

Bharat says Amar was in his office the entire time so it's not possible.
Sindoora doesn't know what to think anymore.
Aditi returns to the house very shaken by the sight of Karan earlier.

Amar is having dinner while Divya is serving.
Bharat brings Sindoora to the dinner table.
Amar tells her to eat.
Sindoora opens her soup bowl and screams when she sees worms and insects floating in it.
Everyone looks at her in confusion.

She says there are insects in her food.
When she turns her face away, Divya quickly swaps the bowl with another.
Aditi sees her and wonders what's going on.
Sindoora turns to look and sees the insects are gone.

She is quiet.
They tell her there are no insects like she claimed.
Sindoora leaves the table.
Divya, Bharat and Amar exchange smiles.
Aditi wonders what's going on amongst them all as they pretend to be enemies when Sindoora is around.

Sindoora sits in her rocking chair pondering over all that happened to her.
She picks up her phone and calls the priest.
Divya sees Sindoora leaving the house late at night and decides to follow her.
Sindoora comes to see the priest.

Divya stands by the door watching.
Sindoora tells the priest that she wants to know if her end is approaching and she's losing her mind.
He tells her that 'They' have been reborn and they have come to end her.

She asks if she can't fight them.
He says it will be difficult as the circumstances are against her.
She asks if she will lose.
He says yes but when she gets killed, Amar and Divya will also die.

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