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Added: Aug 11, 2017
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The Vow - Season 2 - Episode 52
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Divya is shocked as she listens to the priest talking to Sindoora.

Sindoora tells the priest that if her soul will get peace after death, then she's fine with dying.
Amar is looking out of the bedroom window, remembering the day Sindoora shot him and Divya.

Divya returns home.
Amar tells her that Sindoora will soon start believing she has lost her mind and she will be forced to end her own life.
Divya doesn't say anything.

He asks why she's quiet.
She tells him that he used to be happy but not anymore and he's only concerned now about how to make Sindoora pay for her sins.
Amar says he remembers everything.

Divya says she doesn't want him to be consumed with the thought of revenge completely.
Amar says they can't live a good life under Sindoora's shadow and the type of life Divya wants will only without their enemy.

Sindoora is asleep at night.
She hears a noise and goes out to look.
She sees Amar who is dressed in the clothes she killed Sagar with.
He tells her that he is preparing her funeral
She screams and runs out of the room.

Bharat, Divya and Aditi come out of their rooms and ask her what's happening.
Sindoora says he wants to kill her.
They follow her into the room and there is nobody there.

Sindoora thinks she's losing her mind.
Bharat and Aditi go back to their room.
Sindoora asks Divya if she's the one making Amar hate her.
Divya says Amar loves her and maybe it's Sindoora's conscience and her evil deeds affecting her.

Bharat is in his room holding a gun.
He calls Amar on the phone to tell him the plan was successful and it's time to move on to the next plan.

Aditi sees him.

He tells her to go to sleep.
She lies in bed and watches as he puts the gun in a drawer.
Divya lies in bed next to Amar.
She remembers what the priest said.
She asks Amar if they can't just forget about Sindoora instead of trying to kill her.

Amar reminds her that she was the one who wanted him to remember and now that he remembers, she wants him to forget.
He says he can never forgive Sindoora.
She asks what they will achieve when they get revenge.

He says he knows she's scared of losing him but it won't happen as their enemy will pay this time.
Next morning, Sindoora is in her room, feeling scared.

She hears a knock on her door and it makes her jump.
She opens the door and it's Amar.
He invites her to come and have breakfast.
She says no.
He goes to bring the breakfast to her and leaves.
She sees blood in the bowl and calls him back.
She says she can see blood in the bowl.

He says it's breakfast and not blood.
She sees Aditi and tells her to look into the bowl.
Amar gives Aditi a signal to support his lie.
Aditi tells Sindoora that it's breakfast.
Bharat comes to the room and asks what's going on.

Amar switches the bowl of blood with a bowl of pudding.
Bharat tells Sindoora to look at the food.
She looks and gets confused when she sees it's pudding.

Aditi is in the room, wondering what is going on in the house.
Bharat comes in and says he knows she might be wondering why they are targeting Sindoora.
She says she knows he can never do something wrong.

He thanks her and says it was a long time coming.
Amar tells Divya that he loves watching Sindoora come apart piece by piece and he can't forget what she did to them.

He says they stretched their hands towards each other but still couldn't touch before they died.
Divya assures him that they won't be separated again.

He agrees.
At night, Mahua comes downstairs to the living room.
She sees a witch doctor has set up his paraphernalia on the floor.

Sindoora asks the witch doctor if he's sure it will work.
He tells her that every member of the household will be given a lamp and whichever person's light goes off is her biggest enemy.

The members of the house come downstairs.
Sindoora tells them to all sit.
They all sit on the floor.

The witch doctor gives Sindoora a candle and
she goes about lighting the lamps of every member of the house.
She looks at Amar suspiciously.
He smiles at her.

She goes back to her position and starts watching the lamps.
Amar's lamp goes off.
Sindoora cowers in fear.
She tells herself that she knew Amar was pretending so before he kills her, she will kill him.
Amar moves close to her and asks if she's okay.
She screams and tells him not to touch her.
She runs upstairs to her room.

Later on, Bharat and Amar tell Divya that they knew what Sindoora was planning because Bharat overheard her discussion with the witch doctor earlier so Amar deliberately blew out his own candle.

Divya asks why he did it.
He says he wanted Sindoora to feel threatened so she will do the only thing she knows how to do and she will be exposed.
Sindoora opens her safe and takes out her gun.
Divya tells Amar that what he's doing is dangerous.

He says there is no risk involved.
Bharat assures her that there is indeed no risk.
Amar says the story will end with Sindoora's crimes exposed.
Divya asks if it's necessary for them to do that since they are both so happy.

Amar says it's necessary as he is unable to sleep and can't let Sindoora get away with what she's done.
He says he is also in pain but he doesn't have a choice so he wants to gather the evidence they need and hand over to the police.

Bharat is his room searching for something in the wardrobe.
Aditi asks if he's looking for the photo she's holding.
She gives him a photo of him as a child with Vidya and Sagar.
He says it's the only one he has.

She tells him it's a nice photo and he should smile more because he looks really good when he does.
Sindoora is sitting in her rocking chair, unable to sleep.
She hears a sound at the door.

She opens it and points her gun but she doesn't see anyone.
She looks down and sees bloody shoe tracks going down the corridor.
She follows the tracks and sees Sagar standing at the top of the stairs.

She chases him with her gun but he disappears.
She sees him walking out of the house and runs after him pointing her gun at him and threatening to shoot.

She catches up with him when he trips and falls.
He falls face down.
She says he will not live any longer because she will kill him.

She points the gun at him.
A crowd gathers and they ask her why she wants to shoot the man.
Bharat and Amar come to ask Sindoora what it going on.
Sindoora says Amar tried to kill her and she chased him out.

Bharat tells her that Amar was home the entire time.
Sindoora says it's not true she saw him and chased him.
Amar tries to hold her but she flinches.
Bharat tells Sindoora to look at the person she chased.

Sindoora sees it's not Amar or Sagar but a stranger.

She faints in Bharat's arm.

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