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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 94 Recap - Aired: Monday 09 October 2017
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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 94 Recap - Aired: Monday 09 October 2017

Gauri is packing up her things to leave.
Sindoora enters the room and asks why she's giving up.
Gauri says she was a fool to think she could take Divya's place.

Sindoora asks if this is how Gauri wants to pay her after all she has done to help her.
Gauri tells Sindoora to repent because the time of judgement has come.
Sindoora says in the house, only her decides what must be done.

She leaves the room in anger.
Amar is with Divya's doctor.
He tells her that Divya has opened her eyes but hasn't said a word.
The doctor assures him that she will be fine and it will take time to recover fully because she has been in a coma for 4 months.

She suggests he takes Divya to a quiet place so he can slowly regain her trust and she warns that Divya shouldn't be stressed in a way.
Gauri picks Diya out of her cradle and tells her that she loves her so much but she has to leave as Diya's real mother is returning home.
Diya is crying inconsolably.

Gauri cries with her then leaves the room.
She takes a note to Amar's room and leaves it by the bedside.
As she turns to leave, she sees Amar's photo on the wall and she stares at it for a long time before leaving.
As she walks towards the front door, she thinks
of all the happy memories from her time with
Diya and Amar.

Next morning, Sindoora is pacing about the living room.
Aditi walks up to her and tells her that Divya is fine and will be coming home soon.
Sindoora vows to wipe the smile off Aditi's face.

Aditi sees Diya crying and she picks her up.
She looks for Gauri but doesn't see her anywhere.

She finds the note Gauri left for Amar.
Bharat returns home and hugs Amar who is in the living room with the rest of the family.
He tells Amar that he heard the good news about Divya.
Sindoora panics that if Divya fully recovers, she will tell Amar what Sindoora did to her.
Amar informs the family that he is taking Divya
away from the city to rest.
Bharat suggests he takes her to the farmhouse

in Shimla.

Aditi brings Gauri's note to Amar.
Amar reads it and has tears in his eyes
He says he will have to bring her back.
Uma tells him that Gauri has made her decision and she is not related to the family.
Amar says Gauri did a lot for him and Divya and she will always be welcome in the house.

Amar brings Diya to the hospital to meet Divya.
Divya has tears in her eyes when she sees Diya.
Amar tells her Diya is their baby.
Divya carries the sleeping baby.
She and Amar cry together.
The other family members look on.

Divya is now able to speak.
Amar tells her their baby is named Diya.
Divya says she will now take care of the child.
She thanks the family for taking care of Diya.
Uma tells her it was Gauri who took care of the baby.

Aditi tells her that Gauri has left.
Amar says she wanted to leave.
Amar is driving Divya and Diya to Shimla.
Divya plays with Diya.
Sindoora is limping.
Bharat supports her and helps her sit down.
Sindoora says she wants to feed the poor now that Divya has recovered.

Bharat asks Aditi if she will help to cook the food for the poor instead.
Aditi has no choice but to accept.
Sindoora smiles in satisfaction.
Amar, Divya and Diya are in Shimla.
It's cold and Divya is shivering.

Amar makes a fire and tries to remind Divya of the time they were there before and he had to make a fire to warm them up.
Divya says she doesn't remember at first but as Amar keeps talking, she remembers.
Next morning, Divya wakes up and goes to the
front of the mirror.

Amar brings a rose and puts it in her hair.
She asks where he went to and she offers to make tea.

When Divya leaves the room, Amar calls Divya's doctor to let her know how Divya is making progress in her recovery.
Divya is a little confused in the kitchen and doesn't know what ingredients the jars contain.
She brings the tea to Amar.

Amar has made a heart with rose petals on the table.
Divya is happy when he shows it to her.
Amar takes a sip of the tea and coughs.
Divya tastes hers and says she must have put salt instead of sugar.

Amar tells her not to worry about it even though he is worried himself and tries not to show it.
Aditi is in the kitchen struggling to make the food for the poor.
Sindoora comes in to taunt her.

Aditi says the more Sindoora troubles her, the more she will love Bharat.
Sindoora says she is sure that Aditi and Bharat will separate before Aditi knows it.
Aditi asks why Sindoora doesn't want to see her son happy.

Sindoora says that's the way she is and she doesn't like to see anybody happy including family members who betrayed her.

Amar and Divya take the baby to the market.
Divya asks for ice cream.
Amar is cold but he indulges her and agrees to her the ice-cream.
He makes her sit with Diya on a bench then he goes to get the ice-cream.

Aditi hears the doorbell ringing so she leaves the kitchen to go and answer it.
Sindoora sneaks into the kitchen and pours some liquid substance in the food Aditi is making.

Amar returns from getting the ice-cream and doesn't find Divya and Diya on the bench where he left them.
He sees just his jacket that he gave Divya to cover up.

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