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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 95 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 10 October 2017
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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 95 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 10 October 2017

Bharat tells Aditi he knows it's not easy to cook for a lot of people.
Sindoora says Aditi has proven she's a daughter and not a daughter in law and she has handled all her responsibilities to make her happy and didn't complain.

Bharat says that's why Aditi is his wife.
Aditi knows Sindoora is up to something.
They leave for the temple.
Divya is lost in the market.
A crowd surrounds her and she's crying.
Amar sees them and runs over.

Divya asks why he left her alone.
She says she couldn't remember who she was or even his name.
Bharat and Aditi are feeding the poor at the temple while Sindoora looks on.
Sindoora tells herself that all the blessings Aditi is receiving will become curses tomorrow.
Amar brings Divya and their daughter home.

He serves dinner and tries to make Divya happy.
She asks him what's wrong with her answers why she can't remember simple things.
Amar assures her that she will be fine.
Aditi tells Aniket about Sindoora.

Aniket says Sindoora must be up to something
to have thanked her in front of Bharat.
Sindoora smiles to herself as she watches them from the window.
Amar wakes up and Divya is not in bed.

He jumps out of bed.He looks for her around
the house and finds her playing with Diya.
He's relieved.
He tells Divya to get Diya ready so they can all go out.

Bharat and Aniket engage in a game of hand wrestling while Uma and Aditi watch them.
The doorbell rings and Bharat is distracted soAniket wins.

Bharat answers the door and sees a group of policemen.
The inspector informs him that the food he fed to the poor at the temple had poison in it.
Divya puts Diya in the bathtub and turns on the tap then leaves her to go and get the soap.
The police inspector tells Bharat that he will
have to be arrested

Sindoora tells the police to arrest her instead.
The inspector asks who made the food.
Sindoora says she did.
Bharat says he can't let Sindoora take the blame.
Aditi tells them that she made the food.
Sindoora says she won't let her go to jail.

Aditi gets arrested.
Divya gets the soap and on her way back to the bathroom, she sees a program on TV about snakes and she gets distracted.
She stands rooted to the spot, watching the TV.
The water in the bathtub rises, making Diya scared.

She is crying but Divya doesn't hear her.
Amar returns home and rings the doorbell.
Divya is still fascinated by what she's watching on TV and doesn't hear the bell.
Amar opens the door with his keys and sees Divya holding the bath soap and shampoo.
He rushes into the bathroom and screams when he sees Diya is drowning.

He picks her up and runs to the car.
He realises he can't hold her and drive so he runs to the road to flag down moving cars.
A bus eventually stops and takes him to the hospital.
Divya is finally jolted back to reality when the phone rings.
She answers the phone and Uma tells her that Aditi has been arrested by the police.
Divya asks who Aditi is and who is calling.
Uma says she's the one.

Aniket tells Uma to try calling again maybe she has the wrong number.
Amar gets to the hospital and a nurse informs him that there is a strike and only one doctor is available and he's in the theatre.
Amar runs to the theatre to beg the doctor to save his daughter.
The doctor takes Diya from him.
Divya ignores the phone when it rings again.
Aniket tells Sindoora that he knows she's behind what happened to Aditi.

Sindoora pretends to be hurt.
She has tears in her eyes.
Bharat enters the room and asks Aniket why he would accuse his mother of such a thing.
Aniket asks if he has forgotten who Sindoora is.
Bharat says this is a new Sindoora and he wants Aniket to start trusting her.

Sindoora is satisfied with Bharat's reaction.
The doctor informs Amar that Divya is fine but he needs to be more careful with her because she could have died.
Sindoora says she wants to leave the house.
Bharat tells her not to.
Sindoora says everyone still sees her as the old Sindoora.

Bharat begs her not to go and he promises her that nothing would happen to her.
Sindoora says Aniket still looks at her like she is evil and Divya will think the same thing when she returns.
Bharat asks why Divya would think that when Sindoora did a lot for her and even walked on burning coal for her.
Sindoora says Aditi threatened to tell Divya that it was Sindoora that put her in a coma.

Bharat says Aditi wouldn't do that.
Sindoora is happy she's been able to sow seeds of doubt in her mind.
Amar is back home with Diya.
He watches her as she sleeps.
As he leaves the room, Divya holds him from behind and asks why he left her alone.
She puts his hand on her stomach and tells him she's carrying their child and he should show some care and not leave her alone all the time.
Amar is shocked and crying as he realises Divya is not well and has forgotten Diya.

He apologises to her and promises not to leave her alone.
He tucks her in bed and she goes to sleep.
In the morning, Amar calls the doctor to tell her how Divya has been making mistakes and forgets things.
The doctor tells him to bring her back to Delhi so they can carry out a brain scan.
Aditi is in her cell.
The warden comes to inform her that she has a visitor
Divya wakes up in the morning and picks Diya up like normal, even calling her by her name.
She hands her over to Amar then she goes to the kitchen to make Diya's food.

Aniket calls Amar on the phone to ask if he heard what happened to Aditi.
Amar says they are coming back later in the day because Divya is not doing well.
Divya returns with Diya's food and Amar tells her that they are returning to Delhi.
Bharat is the visitor who has come to see Aditi.
She tells him that she knew he would come.
Bharat says he's trying to get her out but nothing is working.

He says he thinks someone poisoned the food on purpose.
Aditi asks who he thinks it is when there were no servants around.
Bharat asks who it can be.
Aditi says Sindoora.
Bharat gets upset and storms off.

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