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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 96 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 11 October 2017
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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 96 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 11 October 2017

Amar tells Divya that he is going to the mechanics and is taking Diya with him.
Divya asks why he has to take Diya along.
Amar tells her that the doctor said it's good to take her out.

Sindoora comes to see Aditi in jail.
She asks if Aditi really thinks she could expose her to her son.
She says she's Sindoora Singh and it's not easy to expose her.
Aditi stares at her.
Sindoora says Aditi was never her target and but she got in her way and her real target is
Bharat because he was the one who betrayed her and now she will destroy everyone in the family and make sure Bharat and Aditi drift apart.

Aditi is shocked.
Divya is trying to light the stove.
She turns on the gas and tries to light the stove with the gas lighter but it doesn't work.
She abandons it and goes to the cupboard.
She takes her time in finding a match.

Amar returns with Diya and he smells the gas.
He sets Diya down and runs to the kitchen just in time to stop Divya from causing a gas explosion.
Divya is shaken when she realises what she almost did.
Bharat thanks the lawyer who helped with Aditi's case.
Aditi is released.
She hugs Bharat and thanks him.
He is not so warm towards her.

She asks if he found out who poisoned the food.
Bharat asks her if she did everything just to frame his mother.
Amar begs Divya not to worry and to go and sit in the car.
She takes Diya with her and Amar is a little uncomfortable.

Bharat and Aditi return home
Sindoora welcomes them with a holy platter.

She says she was praying for Aditi's return home.
Bharat leaves the women alone.
The house phone rings and Aditi answers it.
Afterwards, she tells Sindoora that it was Amar who called to tell her that he and Divya were on their way home.

Sindoora panics.
The family members are excited that Amar and Divya are coming back.
Aniket tells them not to mention that Aditi was in jail.
Amar, Divya and Diya return.
Divya sees a dead basil plant in the garden and she's upset that nobody watered and took care of it while she was away.
She gives Diya to Amar and she goes to water the basil plant.

They enter the house and Aditi rushes to welcome them.
Divya is quiet.
Uma welcomes them with the holy platter and blesses them.
Bharat says he wants to get Sindoora.
Aditi tells him not to bother as she will do it herself.

Sindoora is in her room worried about what Divya would tell the family.
She starts to put her things in her suitcase.
Aditi enters the room and tells her it's too late because Amar and Divya have already arrived and everyone is waiting for Sindoora downstairs.

Aditi and Sindoora are coming down the stairs.
Sindoora accidentally hits a vase placed on the stairs and it rolls down towards Divya.
Bharat stops it with his foot.
Divya looks at Sindoora and remembers how she pushed her down the stairs.
Sindoora approaches her with caution.

Divya looks at Sindoora with anger.
When Sindoora gets close to her, Divya faints.
Amar and Aditi rush over to her.
Bharat makes a call to the doctor.
Sindoora is relieved.
The doctor comes to check on Divya at home.
She tells Amar that he has to bring her to the hospital for a scan before they will be able to give a proper diagnosis.

Aniket and Bharat ask Amar what he's hiding from them.
Amar says Divya has been forgetting things.
Sindoora is relieved and tells herself that she will use the information to make Divya remember things differently so that she will go completely insane.
Amar goes to the room to meet Divya.
She asks him why things have been going wrong.

She says she's afraid that she's being pulled into darkness and she won't remember anyone.
Amar assures her that he will be with her till she gets better because they made vows to always be with each other.
Next day, Amar takes Divya to the hospital.
Amar returns another day to see the doctor for Divya's results.

He asks if she will ever remember everything.
The doctor says she doesn't see a chance of that and there is a chance that she will forget everything for good.
Amar returns home to meet Divya asleep in bed.
He tells her that he loves her.

He kisses the top of her head and he's about to walk away but she pulls his hand.
He is surprised that she's awake.
She asks if he thinks she would forget him.
He says no.
She tells him not to ever think otherwise because their love is stronger than anything.
She kisses his head.

Amar is jolted out of his daydream when he hears Diya crying.
He goes to pick Diya up and assures her that he will give her all the love she deserves.
Bharat sees him and enters the room.
He assures Amar that he and the family are there with him and they will all help to take care of Diya and Divya.

Amar thanks him for being a good brother.
Bharat says Amar is his brother and he will never leave him alone.
Sindoora is watching from the doorway.
She tells herself that it's time to break the bond between the brothers.

Amar wakes up in the morning and Divya is not in bed.
He finds her hiding behind the curtains.
He opens the curtains and she asks him who he is and what he's doing in her room.
He tells her that he's Amar, her husband.
She tells him to get away from her.
Amar tells her he will leave.
He walks away in tears.

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