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Tinsel - Season 10 - Episode 2097
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Maami is at home reading.
Shoshanna comes in.

Maami tells her that Salewa has gone to school.
Sho says she came to seeMaamiand wanted to thank her for the money.
Maami tells her to just work hard.
Sho says she wants to know if the makeup video can be featured on Maami's Talk show.

Maami says she definitely would feature it.would feature it.
Sho hugs her tightly.

The doctor asks Dikibo if anything is wrong.
He says no, Amaka just wanted to be double sure.
A nurse comes to take Tochi for his immunisation.
Dikibo asks the doctor if she's saying Amaka hasn't reached menopause.

She tells him not to worry as long as he's in good shape because Amaka is fine.
Helen is taking a walk with her boyfriend.
He asks if she has been to Enugu.
She says she hasn't.

He asks if she would come.
She says they will graduate soon.
He says he doesn't believe inlong distance relationships as they don't work and he wants to know what she thinks.
She gets offended and says just like he said, they don't work.

She walks away.
Serena and Alexis return home.
Ik calls and asks how Alexis is doing.
Serena says she seems to be enjoying the production.
He asks if he should come and take her out.
She says no.

He says she doesn't have time for him.
She asks what gave him that idea.
He says the dozen or so times she has turned him down.
She says she has been busy.
He says like she is now.

She says they just got off set and they are going back.
He says he can come and take her out and they will be back before Alexis gets off.

She reluctantly agrees.
la!de comes to see Amaka.
Amaka asks how she had the guts to shetellanyone her business let alone Sheila?

She says she should have known better than to trust her.
la!de says she's sorry.
Amaka says she's a sorry excuse for a person.
la!de says she did it because she cares and they all care about Amaka.

Amaka tells her to cut the crap.
la!de says she told Sheila because she has been in the same situation.
Amaka asks what situation that is.
la!de says not wanting a child with the man you love.

Amaka says so after everything she still has the guts to stand there and judge her?
la!de says she's not judging.
Amaka says none ofthis would have happened if la!de hadn't been in her office that day.
la!de asks if she wants to fire her.

Amaka says it's the least she deserves.
la!de says Amaka not thinking straight.
Amaka says she is and seeing as she is married to the chairman of the board, it would be pretty easy to get rid of her.

Aisha is with Victoria at Phoenix Prime.
Charles walks in and says hello to Aisha.
He asks Victoria how the shoot is going.
She says there are other people he could have asked that.

Aisha excuses herself.
Charles admits he shouldn't have brought Tessa to the set.
Vicky says he has caused her so much grief.
He says he came to apologise and it won't happen again.

Sho is at Ene's place.
She tells Ene she raised the money for the video with the help of Maami and Obiora.
Ene is happy for her.
She says Sho should know that if she had the money she would have helped.

Sho says she knows.
Ene gives her a free pack of food.
Victoria asks what Charles is thinking about.
He says it's Tessa.
She asks why he brought her to the set.
He says he was hoping Tessa would post nice things about him but now he knows better

Victoria reminds him that Mimi is waiting for him to fail and he needs to work on getting rid of the bad blood between both of them as they are working on the same project.
Amaka meets up with Nero at a restaurant.
He asks what happened.

She says Sheila ambushed her about not wanting to have a baby with Dikibo; Sheila of all people who didn't want a baby with Fred.
She says she knows it wasn't Nero's fault; it was la!de's but he should have seen how Sheila bad mouthed her.

Nero says Sheila shouldn't have and he would talk to her.
She tells him not to; she knows he and Sheila are close and she appreciates all Sheila did during the Tsav situation but Sheila has no right to throw her moral superiority in her face.

Nero says no one does.
Serena and IK are at Ziggy's.
Serena says she needs to go.
He begs for a few more minutes
He asks how she is.
She says she is fine.

He says he's sorry they kissed.
She says he kissed her.
He says she didn't pull away.
She says she was caught off-guard.
He says all this time, she couldn't tell he was developing for her?

She says she's not in a position to reciprocate as Alexis is her major priority.
He says he can be her minor priority.
She says Alexis is her only priority.
He says he appreciates her honesty.

She says what she needs now is a very good friend.
He says she can count him in for that.
She thanks him.
He reminds her to let him know if she and Alexis need anything on set.

She thanks him and leaves.
St. John meets Freddie in the living room.
Freddie asks if he thinks Sheila will get him a car if he does well in his exams.
St. John says he doesn't know.

Sheila walks in and says if Freddie gets into the 90th percentile with his scores, he might just bag himself a deal.
Freddie says it's a tall order.
He leaves the room and there is an awkward silence.

Sheila says she shouldn't have been so resistant to discuss Tsav's appeal with Nero and she's sorry.
Her father says he shouldn't have been so hard on her and he's sorry too.
She says she will discuss it with Nero.
Sho comes to Salewa's place.

She says Ene was forming excitement for her after refusing to help her.
Salewa says maybe she really didn't have the money.
Helen walks in, looking very sad.
They ask her what's wrong.

Salewa asks if it's Ekene.
Helen says she doesn't want to talk about it.
She goes into the room.
Brenda is at work.
Sankey comes right see her.
Brenda asks why it took her so long.
Sankey says she was doing actual police work.
Brenda asks what Zane's own is.

Sankey says it's a favour as Brenda refused to report it officially.
She asks how they can be sure he's missing.
Brenda says nobody has seen him in over 24 hours.
Sankey tells her to make an official report.
Brenda says no.

Sankey says Brenda doesn't want to do it because she is afraid Zane might be involved in something illegal.
Brenda doesn't respond but it's obvious that Sankey is right.
Amaka enters her office to meet Dikibo.
She apologises for just coming as she had a business lunch.

She asks what he has been up to.
He says he took Tochi for his meningitis vaccination.
She says she forgot and thanks him.
He says as fate would have it, he and the doctor had a very interesting conversation.
Amaka's face shows she suspects what's coming.

He says 'So tellme, wife,why did you lie to your husband that you're unable to have a child when you can?'

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