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Tinsel - Season 10 - Episode 2098
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Shoshanna and Salewa beg Helen to tell them what's going on.

Helen starts crying.
She tells them it's Ekene.
Salewa says that's why she has decided to leave boys alone.
Sho says Helen needs their support right now.
Helen says there is no future for her and Ekene as they will be separating after graduation.
Amaka asks Dikibo when her doctor told him that.

He asks why she lied to him and asks if it's always been part of her plan or it's because he's considerably older?
She says it wasn't that.
He asks why she didn't just say the truth.
She says she's sorry.

He says she still can't say the truth and he believes she's really sorry... that she got caught.
He walks out.
Helen and her friends are at Ziggy’s.
Sho tells her that they can still continue the relationship after graduation.

Helen says they can't.
Sho says she had this cousin whose boyfriend was in a different state from his girlfriend and he was dating a lot of girls.
Salewa nudges her.

Obiora comes to ask if they are having a nice time.
Salewa says they are, especially Sho who is very happy as she has seen him.
Sho tells her to stop but she's smiling.
IK comes to see Brenda in her office.

He asks if Mimi couldn't have handled the issue.
Brenda says it's Serena and her presence is disrupting the production.
IK asks how.
Brenda says she's being a diva.
He asks if her demands are unreasonable.
She says they are ill timed.

He says it doesn't sound like there is a problem and if Phoenix Prime and Odyssey stick to their ends of the bargain, then they won't have a problem with Serena.

He tells them to find a way to make it work because Happy Alexis equals happy Mother.
Nero is at Sheila's.
He says he wants to start the story from when Angela joined Reel Studios.
Sheila asks if he wants to include the trouble she had with Amaka.

He gets a call.
He asks if a decision has been made.
He says he's glad and they can book him on the next available flight out.
Sheila asks what it is.
He says one of the NGOs he set up just got some funding so he will be going to Senegal for a week
She says a whole week.

Be says he will see how things go when he gets there.
She doesn't look happy.
He gets another call and excuses himself.
Charles and Mimi are in a restaurant.
He thanks her for coming and says he wants them to clear the air between them.
She says she's there.

He says it seems like she has a vendetta against him.
She asks where he got the idea.
He says she's going through a great deal to cause him trouble.

She says her meeting with Tessa wasn't meant to cause him trouble.
He asks why he gets the sense that she's out to get him.
She says maybe it's because she is.
He is clearly caught off-guard.

Ene is at Ziggy’s, in Obiora office.
She says she really needs the generator to help her power her deep freezer.
He says he would have helped but he just helped a friend with money.
Ene asks if it's Sho.

He says it is.
She says it was kind of him and she hopes Sho is mature enough to know how lucky she has him.
He asks why she doesn't ask her father or Chuks' mother.
She says she and Chuks have decided not to ask them for money unless absolutely necessary.
Charles says so Mimi is really out to get him.
She says there is no need to pretend they are friends.

He says they can at least be civil.
She says he fired her because her presence made him uncomfortable but it really doesn't matter anymore and the biggest mistake of her career was to get involved with him.
He reminds her that she was the one who came up to him.
She says he made sure she was punished for it; he looked for a trumped up excuse when they broke up to fire her.

He says her position was untenable and she made it so.
She says she put in more years and hard work than he ever did, she could have run that place after Angela died.
He says he always knew she fit the title.
She says he came in and ruined everything, humiliated her and she's full of regret now but when she's done with him, she won't be the only one.

She leaves.
Dr. Gyang and Dikibo are at Ziggy’s.
Gyang asks what's on Dikibo's kind.
Dikibo says there is a lot in his head.
Gyang says early in his marriage, his wife didn't speak to him for a month and he had to move out but they later got over it and many years later, that episode seems silly to them.
Dikibo asks what his advice is.
Gyang tells him to try and fix whatever the issue is.
Charles returns to the office.

Brenda comes to see him.
She says she spoke to IK about Serena.
He says things weren't that serious.
She says IK was of no help so they need to call Serena and remind her of what the contract says.
He says he will call her and tell her to be more considerate.
She tells him not to be too friendly.
He says okay.

She says there is a thin line between the producer, the and the talent and their management and when the line is crossed, it's just trouble.
He says he can handle it.
She says there is clearly a lot more he needs to learn about the business and about women.
She leaves.
Nero is still on the phone, speaking French.
When he's done, Sheila tells him it's a lot of calls.
He says he needed to reconnect with a lot of people.

She asks if he still wants to bring up the Amaka issue in the biopic.
He says Amaka thinks it's not a good idea.
Sheila says Amaka is being rather selfish these days.
He asks how she means.
She says like she told Amaka the other day, Dikibo needs to be treated better.
Nero says that's entirely Amaka's business.
Sheila says Nero is clearly on Amaka's side.
He says he's not on any side and he tries to be objective even when he gives advice.

She asks if he's now dishing matrimonial advice.
He says not really, he just listens to what Amaka has to say most of the time.
She doesn't look pleased.
Sho and her friends are back at Salewa’s place.
Ene calls and Sho tells her friends to keep quiet.
Ene asks where she is
Sho says she's out trying to get customers.
Ene says she really needs a loan to get her generator and if Sho can help her get it, she will pay back.

Sho tells her friends that Ene just called to try and get a loan from her.
Salewa says things must be really bad for her now.
Charles comes on set to see Vicky.
She asks if things are okay.
He says not quite as he met with Brenda and Mimi.
She asks what happened.
He says he tried to get him and Mimi to start all over on a clean slate but she practically told him that she would ruin him as she thinks she should be the one running Odyssey.

Vicky tells him to take it easy as Mimi can't ruin him.
Charles says she will continue to cause him trouble as she thinks he's some spineless being that she can continue to push over.
He says he knows what he can do.
She asks what.

He says Mimi has to go.
Dikibo comes to meet la!de in the office.
He asks what the heated conversation between her and Amaka was about.
She says she doesn't quite remember.
He says Amaka is not infertile as he has come to know and he thinks la!de knows too.
She stutters.

He asks if she was trying to get Amaka to come clean.
She doesn't respond.
He says he needs her to help him find out what is going on with his wife.

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