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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2142 Recap - Aired: Monday 09 October 2017
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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2142 Recap - Aired: Monday 09 October 2017

Damini wakes up in Bimpe's bed.
He sees Bimpe who is in gym clothes.
She tells him she has to keep fit because of Cleo.

He says she can't be serious.
She says she signed a contract so she has to.
She leaves the house and he laughs.
Sheila is still in the hotel room.
She is dressed up.
Stephen is still out cold on the bed.
Sheila begs him not to do this to her.

She calls Joanne on the phone and tells her she's done for and doesn't know how it happened.
Joanne asks what happened.
Sheila says she's in a hotel room and Stephen is dead.

Joanne tells her to take all her things and leave discreetly.
Sheila says she can't just leave him.
Joanne says she can and needs to do so without anyone seeing her.
Sheila stands up to leave them she sits back down.

She makes a call to Sankey.
Bimpe and Damini are getting ready for work.
Damini says he's surprised at her change in behaviour.
They tease each other playfully.
Serena and Brenda are at the hospital.
Serena is pacing about.

Sankey comes in and asks Serena what Chief said.
Serena says he accused her of following small boys.
Sankey asks if he mentioned IK's name.
Serena says he didn't.
Sankey says he was being clever..

Serena asks if Sankey wants to let him off the hook.
Sankey says she wants to make sure when they catch him, they put him away for a long time.
The doctor comes to inform them that IK is out of the theatre but still unconscious.
Yaya and Philip are having breakfast.

Philip asks where Yaya is going afterwards.
Yaya coldly says she's going to work.
Philip says he's really sorry and doesn't know what he was thinking to have admitted he was attracted to the therapist.
Yaya suggests they find a new one, preferably a man.

Philip reminds her that it was the doctor who encouraged them to be honest with each other and he doesn't think it is right to throw the baby out with the bath water.
He assures her that he has no intention of acting on his fantasy; he's Yaya's guy, her ride or die so she has nothing to worry about.
Nero comes to meet Charles in the office and shows him the sonogram he got from Angela's house.

He tells Charles that they are twins and they are Angela's; shehad children and he doesn't know what happened to them.
Charles tells him not to jump to conclusions as the sonogram doesn't prove she had the babies.

Nero says he will go and see Brenda.
Charles assures him that Angela didn't have any babies.
Soji is cleaning the studio while Shina is asleep on the sofa.
Soji wakes him up.
They hear a knock on the door and Soji tells Shina to go and dress up.
Soji puts on his shirt and opens the door.
Cleo waks in.

Soji introduces Shina to her and makes Shina leave the studio.
He asks what Cleo wants.
She says she wants a cup of coffee, caffeine macciato.
Soji says he only has pure instant coffee.
Cleo says she wants just water in that case.
As Soji stands up to go and get it, she tells him she wantswater and some lime.
He stops.
She begs him to tell her he has lime.

He looks embarrassed as he tells her he doesn't.
Sankey is in the hotel room with Sheila.
Some forensics officials are taking pictures of everything in the room.
An officer informs Sheila that she will accompany them to the station to write a statement.
Stephen's body is wrapped in white sheet and taken away.

Brenda and Serena come into IK's hospital room.
The doctor tells them he doesn't have any internal injuries.
A nurse brings a bouquet of flowers and tells them that it was delivered for IK.
Brenda reads the card out loud it says 'A cat has 9 lives and a cat likes milk. You are not a cat so stop drinking my milk!'
She and Serena gasp as they realise it's from Chief.

Charles and Vicky are having drinks at Ziggy's.
He asks her if it's their first official date.
She says it's not a date.
He asks what he must do for her to go on a date with him.
She asks if he's a good kisser.
He says it's been said that he is.
She laughs and says maybe she will find out for herself.

He says he likes that.
Dikibo is with Gyang at the office complaining about how things have gone sour with la!de.
Gyang says maybe la!de is bothered about what people will say about her, considering Dikibo is still a married man.
He advises Dikibo to assure her that whatever he felt for Amaka is dead.

Bimpe and Damini are at work.
They review the job they've been working on for a client and they are not impressed with the quality.
The client calls and Damini signals to Bimpe not to tell her they will be around but Bimpe doesn't tell her anything and the client says she will be coming over.

Damini says they are finished.
Brenda is at home playing with Kwame.
Nero comes to see her and he shows her the sonogram.
Brenda says it doesn't mean anything.
Nero says he would ask Odyssey staff then.
Brenda asks if he won't be intruding on Angela's privacy if he happens to find out she had an abortion.

Nero says it's a chance he's willing to take.
Sheila is at the station with Sankey and Segun.
Sankey asks what sort of friend Stephen was to her.
Sheila stutters and says they had sex and they were exhausted afterwards so they slept and when she woke up, the guy wasn't breathing.
Sankey gives her a pen to write the statement then leavesthe room.

Segun asks Sheila if doesn't think the boy was too young for her.
Sheila says the boy is dead and all segun can do is make jokes.
She asks if he would have done the same if roles were reversed.

Segun admits he was out of order.
Sheila says she wants to go home soon and probably try to reach the boy's parents.
Segun says they will take care of that but Sheila can't leave till the autopsy is out.
Sheila asks how long it would take.
Segun says maybe 5 days but it normally takes
like 2 weeks.

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