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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2142 Recap - Aired: Monday 09 October 2017
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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2143 Recap

Soji shows Cleo the show he's working on, on his laptop.
She likes it and asks how he's been able to come up with that when he doesn't have a clear goal and vision for his profession.
Soji says he has a clear goal and vision.

Cleo says maybe she would manage him for a trial period and see how he performs.
Soji says he's a director and doesn't need a manager.
She tells him a good director needs a manager and if he's not interested, she will go to others who need her.

She stands up and walks out of the studio.
At the studio, Sankey confirms to Sheila that she would be held till the autopsy results come out.
Sheila says she was being a good citizen when she called the police and there was no wound on Stephen's body to prove she did anything to him.

Sankey says there are different ways to kill a man and he could have ingested poison or something.
She laughs and Sheila tells her it's insensitive of her.
Bimpe is at Reel Studios to see Chuks.
She asks if there will be a role for her in any project Reel is working on.

Chuks says there isn't but she should try Phoenix Prime.
Bimpe says she had issues with Brenda.
He tells her to get her manager to do all the legwork.
Bimpe says she has to run off to meet her manager and doesn't want to be late.
Chuks is surprised that Bimpe is worried about being late.

Segun comes into IK's hospital room to check on him.
He meets Brenda and Serena there.
IK is still unconscious.
Serena asks why they can't just get Chief.

She says she's tired and maybe she should just go back to Chief.
Brenda tells her not to even think about it and let him win.

Segun assures her that they will get him soon.
Serena tells Brenda that she's tired.
Brenda consoles her and tells her not to give up.
Philip and Yaya are with the therapist, Dr. Margaret.
Dr. Margaret tells asks them what's going on.
Yaya says her husband has been fantasising about her, his therapist.
Dr. Margaret laughs and tells them to quit acting like someone died.

She tells them that it's not peculiar to Philip to have such thoughts but they have strict ethical boundaries about not having any sexual relations with clients.
Philip says she doesn't know how relieved he is to hear that.
Yaya asks if he's saying it because of the ethical boundaries.

Dr. Margaret says he is trying to say that he feels more comfortable now.
Philip says Yaya is like a bulldog that doesn't let go once she sinks her teeth into something.
Margaret laughs and says she knows.
Philip laughs.

Yaya looks from one to the other, not liking what she is seeing.
Charles is having a meeting with his team.
He calls the CEO of Best Flicks who gives him a positive review on the just concluded project.
He informs the team and they all clap.
Bimpe meets Cleo at Ziggy's.
Cleo is surprised that Bimpe is early.

She tells her that her skin tone is improving and she asks if she's sticking to the exercise and skincare routine.
Bimpe says she is but she hasn't been able to get any jobs.
Cleo says most production houses are in mid-season.
Bimpe says she heard Phoenix Prime may have something.
Cleo tells her to just leave it to her.
Bimpe says Skyscraper called for pitches but what they got were disappointing.

Cleo tells Bimpe to just do it.
Bimpe says she's not a content creator.
Cleo tells her not to set any limitations for herself.
Sheila is in the interrogation room with Sankey.
She is talking on the phone with her lawyer.
She begs him to leave Ondo state where he has gone to see a client and come to see her immediately.

IK opens his eyes.
Serena is relieved.
She rushes to get the doctor.
The doctor examines him and asks how he's feeling.
She tells him he's doing well considering what happened to him but they will have to keep him longer

Serena thanks her.
Serena apologises to IK for dragging him into the mess.
He tells her she's a beautiful angel watching over him.
She kisses his hand.
Nero comes to the police station.

He tells Sankey that he's not there about Fabian but to talk about Angela's twins.
Sankey says she knows the only time Angela was pregnant was when she acted as a surrogate for Brenda.

Nero says so baby Kwame is Angela's child?
Sankey says Angela merely carried him in her womb and he belongs to Brenda and Nosa.
Nero says if that's the case, then why did Brenda feel the need to hide it from him when he asked her?
Philip enters his office and Amaka follows complaining about la!de frustrating her effort on a Project just to get back at her.

She tells Philip about the sex prison and he thinks it would make a good movie.
She is happy someone is finally on board.
Philip tells her she's a good filmmaker so she should fight for the right to make the movie but she should do it in a professional manner.
The client returns to see Damini and Bimpe.

She asks for the pitch they have for her.
Damini rambles incoherently and the client says she doesn't understand.
Bimpe comes to his rescue and gives her a pitch that blows the client away.
Damini is impressed.

The client says she will sponsor the pilot episode of the show and will make the transfer immediately.
Nero comes to see Brenda at home.
He asks why she lied to him about the baby.
Brenda says the baby isn't Angela's and she felt no need to embark on upon conversation that will serve no need.

Nero says Angela had the baby and Brenda kept him to herself and didn't allow him, the grandfather, to see him.
Brenda says Angela was a surrogate.
Nero asks what happened to the twin.
Brenda says he died in the womb.
Nero says Brenda is lying because if it was the truth, she would have told him the truth and he doesn't even know if she's covering up something bigger.

Brenda asks what she could be covering up.
Nero says Angela was ill so he can't be sure if Brenda manipulated her to get the baby from her.
Brenda says hospital have records.
Nero says he will uncover every secret and if he finds out Kwame is his grandson...

Brenda tells him Kwame is not.
She opens the door and ushers him out.
The receptionist and resident gossip at Reel Studios, Jenny is talking with a male colleague about what happened to la!de and Amaka at the resort.

Jenny was not at the resort so her colleague is filling her in on the details.
Fumi comes in and tells them that Amaka didn't try to kill la!de and it was just an accident.
Amaka walks on on them and hears Jenny saying Dikibo has to be careful of Amaka.
She tells them to go ahead and dissect her life
some more.

Fumi and the male colleague walk away.
Jenny apologises to Amaka.

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