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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2144 Recap - Aired: Monday 09 October 2017
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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2144 Recap

Damini tells Bimpe that she was on fire at the meeting with the client.
He hugs her in excitement.
The temp comes in for a meeting.

Damini gives Bimpe the task of coming up with a list of production houses they can work with.
Nero comes to meet Charles in the office to ask if he's aware that Brenda is raising Angela's child as her own.
Charles asks if he spoke to Brenda.
Nero says he did and she cooked up a story
about Angela being a surrogate for her.

Charles says they shouldn't get ahead of themselves.
Nero says Brenda took advantage of Angela's confused mental state.
Charles says he knew when Angela was
pregnant but he never talked to her about it.

Nero says he will get to the bottom of the matter, he will run a DNA test and take the matter to court.
Chuks is at work, on the phone with Soji.
Soji asks if there is any job for him.
Chuks says Reel has too many directors.

Soji says he doesn't know why he can't catch a break today, first it was Cleo.
Chuks asks what happened with Cleo.
Soji says he refused to allow her to manage him.
Chuks says he made her feel like she wasn't good at her job so he needs to go and beg her because anybody who can make Bimpe keep to time should know what they are doing.

After the call, Soji calls Cleo.
She tells him she's busy managing people who know what managers are.
She hangs up as he starts talking.
la!de enters the conference room and sees Dikibo.
She says she didn't know he was there and he's supposed to have a meeting.

He says he will leave.
She tells him not to bother as she can have the meeting in her office.
He says he's only there because the air conditioning in his office is being fixed.
She tells him that he doesn't have to be so formal with her.
He says he doesn't want to put them in an awkward position again.

He packs his things but she tells him to stay while she has the meeting in her office.
She leaves the conference room.
Yaya comes to look for Sheila at home.
She meets OT and Freddie.
Freddie tells her that Sheila went out the day before and hasn't returned.

Yaya tells him to have Sheila call her when she returns.
She leaves and OT tells Freddie that Yaya is a babe.
Freddie is not amused.
OT suggests they sell some of the cars then he suggests one of the houses.
Freddie doesn't like any of the suggestions.
Serena is alone with IK in his hospital room.
Sankey comes in and says she has questions to ask.

Serena asks if she needs to do so now.
Sankey says she got Serena'message and wants her to know that the police is not at her beck and call.
Serena asks how Sankey can be so blasé about what others are going through.
Sankey says she hopes Serena is not one to think Sankey would jump and tear her skirt to solve her case as she has other cases to solve.

Serena asks if she wasn't taught empathy.
Sankey asks IK what happened.
IK says he came out of his house and some men held him with a gun and put him in their car.
She asks if the men mentioned Chief.
Serena says he doesn't remember.
Sankey tells IK to call her when he remembers anything.

She leaves.
IK tells Serena that if getting beat up is what it takes to get her attention, then it was worth it.
She blushes.
Bimpe is on the phone with Cleo.
Cleo says she's at Phoenix Prime for a meeting.
Vicky enters the meeting room to join her.
Vicky remembers her from when she was working in production.

Cleo tells her she now owns a talent management agency.
Vicky says she has done well for herself.
Cleo says she wants her client to star in one of Phoenix Prime's productions.
Vicky says it's not a problem of the client is like Cleo.
She asks who it is
Cleo says it's Bimpe.

Vicky says Bimpe has a full-time job and won't be able to manage it as well as a role.
Cleo assures her that she would.
Vicky says her boss doesn't entertain half measures.
Cleo says that's exactly how she is as well and she will ensure Bimpe doesn't disappoint her.
Amaka enters the conference room and sees Dikibo.

She says she wants to talk to him concerning the movie about the sex prison.
Dikibo says he already said no.
Amaka says he doesn't have to turn her down to spite her or impress la!de.
He asks if she would still be working there if he
wanted to spite her.

She begs him to just let her start and they could even do a mini-documentary and Reel could be the talk of the industry.
He tells her she can begin the research while he thinks about it some more.

Fumi comes to inform Dikibo that his driver is waiting downstairs.
She picks up his folder but Amaka takes it from her and says she will be walking her husband to his car.
Mimi is having a meeting with Vicky at Phoenix Prime.

Brenda calls Vicky to tell her that something came up and she will be working from home for a while.
Vicky asks if everything is okay.
Brenda says things are fine.
Mimi receives a call from IK asking her to meet him at the hospital.
She tells Vicky that they will have to continue their meeting later.

Mimi is at the hospital.
IK tells her he just had a little accident and won't be able to work for a while so Mimi needs to cover for him.
Serena enters the room and asks IK why he is sitting up.
She rushes over to him and makes him lie down.

Mimi finds Serena's behaviour amusing.
At the Spa, Eki asks Yaya if everything is okay.
Yaya says she's fine.
Philip comes with some takeaway.
Eki excuses them.
Yaya is cold.
Philip asks her what's going on and how he can convince her she's the one he wants.

Yaya asks if Dr Margaret is the only one he has fantasised about.
He asks if she means now or before they got married.
Yaya picks up her bag and walks out.
Bimpe and the temp are working on the project.
The temp likes it and Bimpe says she worked on a reality show in the past.

Damini walks in and reads what they've worked on.
He's impressed with Bimpe and tells her she's born to do it especially as it's her first try at reality TV.
Bimpe says she has a friend of a friend who produces reality TV.
The temp says she thought Bimpe said something else.

Bimpe asks if she won't go home.
The temp leaves.
Damini asks Bimpe what the temp was talking about.
Bimpe says it's nothing.
Chief calls Serena.
She tells him he will pay for what he did.
He says he wants to pay for her upkeep if she only comes back to him.

She tells him that will never happen.
He tells her to come back for peace to reign.
She says never.
He says they will see.
Sheila tells Sankey that she wants her phone.
Sankey gives her the phone.
The lawyer's phone is switched off.
Sheila asks what happens if he doesn't come tonight.

Sankey says even if he does come, as the autopsy hasn't been done, Sheila cannot go home.
Sheila asks if she can call home.
Sankey allows her.
She calls Cosmo and tells him she's out of town and won't be coming home tonight.

After the call, Sankey tells her that she should
have told them she won't be coming even tomorrow and she would be away for a while.
She advises Sheila to get another lawyer.
Sheila says she doesn't want anyone else involved.

Sankey says she's sorry as she knows this is the last place Sheila wants to be but a man is dead and she needs to do her job and Sheila now knows that no one is above the law.

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