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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Once inside the room, Nath made me sit on the edge of the bed, he didn’t sit too but instead held my hands in his.

“I myself don’t really understand, lets just wait till the cat has been let out of the bag,” he smiled.

I looked at him searchingly, like one who was trying to figure out the truth. “Sure?” I asked.

“Trust me honey,” Nath said and released my hand, then tapped my right cheek. “Hurry up and come downstairs, then our mystery will be solved,” he added and left. I stared after him but could only let myself wonder if the secret I was about to hear would make my mum and I loose the cordial relationship we had.

“Imagine! She even bath me and did my chores as if that would change the fact that she has been hiding something from me for years,”
I thought out aloud and stood up to put on my white tank top. “Fourteen years na beans,” I hissed and picked up my wristwatch to put on too, then hissed again and dropped it. “Becky you must be crazy, wristwatch? Inside the house, hia!!!,” I laughed and walked to my book shelf where I picked up “NATIVE SON BY RICHARD WRIGHT.” You know that voluminous novel about racial discrimination
my dad loved that book but sadly, he’s no more*sad face*). Soon I walked out of my room, making sure to close my door very well.

Along the corridor, It seemed like I heard mom sobbing inside her room. I wanted going in to ask her but decided against it…


I walked into the sitting room to meet my auntie, uncle and cousins sitted at different positions on the couch, looking sad and drawn. I greeted but received a dull response in return, I didn’t bother cos I knew the reason why. I sat inbetween Nath and Josh and leaned my head on Josh’s shoulder.

“No breakfast?”
I inquired.

“There’s food in the kitchen incase you’re hungry cos as for us, we’re on secret fasting,”
Josh answered.

I smiled a bit and nodded, then began to flip through the novel I held to while away time. Mom came downstairs later with a puffed and swollen face that looked like fried akara balls(lol). She too also sat on a couch but beside my auntie and uncle.

I called out. “Have you been crying?”

She cleaned her face and smiled bitterly, then shook her head negatively in response, so I decided not to bother her…

We waited and waited, finally the Mr Peters and Eric arrived at about 8:05am. I wanted to ask of his wife but couldn’t. After the exchange of pleasantries, he sat on a single couch opposite the one mom sat on with my auntie and uncle while the Eric of a guy sat opposite the one I sat with Nath and Josh. I closed my novel and clutched it to my chest waiting for the drama to unfold.

There was no time to waste coz I was d--n hungry. Mr Peters cleared his throat and began his narration…


(This flash back won’t be in first person narrative technique as the story).
Mr Peters sat on a sofa in his small sitting room looking gloomy. The sitting room was a typical of a bachelor’s apartment. A double seat sofa with small black and white television at the far end. A small table stood in the middle with books littered on top. A yellow and white curtain demacated the room thus making the inner room a bedroom coz it was a one apartment house.

Mr Peter was going through his small china phone since there was no power supply at the moment when all of a sudden, Gloria barged into the house through the open door.

Peter dropped the phone and stood up almost immediately to hug her but she pushed him away roughly and walked to middle of the room and threw her handbag on the sofa in anger.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”
Peter asked, advancing towards her.

“Don’t you dare come close to me, you fool,” Gloria shrieked.

Peter looked astonished. “Is everything alright?”

Gloria shouted. “Why did you get me pregnant?”

Peter’s mouth opened in shock.

“No! Nantpreg,” Gloria hissed and sat down, then began tapping her left foot angrily.
Peter sat down too, facing her, “But your being pregnant isn’t a problem na, you know I love you besides you kept asking for more and…”

“Shut the hell up Peter,”
Gloria interrupted. “My fiance will soon be back from the states to finalize our marriage rites and you’re here talking nonsense!” she fired.

“So, what are you insinuating? Hope it’s not abortion o coz that’s my first child,”
Peter demanded.

“What else, abortion of coz,” Gloria stood up and folded her arms.

Peter also stood up, “You dare not try it Gloria if not I’ll expose you,” he threatened…

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