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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Gloria unfolded her arms and glared at Peter. Her placid eyes darting from his head to toe. “Expose me? To who?”

“You think you can just hurt me and walk away with it?”
Peter questioned, also staring at her.

“So, what do you expect me to do huh? Weep at your feet?”

Peter sighed deeply and sat back, then buried his head in his palms. “Why do you want to abort my child? Is it because of your fiance or because I’m not rich?”

Gloria looked sober and walked to sit beside him. “What do you want me to do now?” she asked and placed her palm on his back.

“Marry me please, I’m sure things will get better soon,” Peter said and raised his head to face her.

Gloria stared at him in pity and held his hands in her’s. “I love you but I love James more. You are good in bed but mehn, James is stinkingly rich and I need a rich guy who can cater for my needs,” she blurted out, making Peter stand up in anger.

“Shut up Gloria!” Peter barked furiously and backed her.

Gloria stood up too looking baffled because Peter had never shouted at her before. “Did you just shout at me?” she asked pointing a finger at herself.

Peter turned to face her, “And I will shout at you again and again if you don’t start thinking straight. How can you hurt my feelings after all we’ve been through?”

“Please calm down, You will find someone else,”
Gloria pleaded and tried holding him but Peter pushed her away and sat on back on the couch in anger.

Gloria swung her long hair backwards and knelt beside him. “I will not abort the child if that’ll make you happy.”

“Then, what about the love we share, will you just allow it wash down the drain?”
Peter asked. By then hot tears had begun to sting his eyelids.

“I will deliver your child but I won’t fulfil my responsibility as a mother.”

“Never Gloria, that can never happen!”
Peter shouted and stood up again.

Gloria became angry again and also stood up, then spoke without thinking twice. “I will poison James few years after I’ve atleast had a child for him.”

Peter stared at her in amazement, “You can’t kill him, it hasn’t come to that.”

“My decision is final but promise it’ll remain a secret?”

Peter swallowed hard, “I promise but why will you kill him?”

“I only love his money, it’s you I love,”
Gloria smiled and kissed him. The kiss seemed to make Peter’s head spin angle 90DEGREE and everything seemed to vanish from his memory.
He carried Gloria up in his arms and placed her on the sofa, within a twinkle of an eye, they were kissing passionately and tearing at each other’s cloths…

“My son has been asking to see his mother,”
Mr Peter concluded.

“I’m finding it difficult to believe this story,” Nath said after few minutes of silence.

“Same with me,” Josh added.

“Fortunately, James was delayed a bit and that enabled Gloria give birth to Ken before he got back to Nigeria,” Mr Peter said.

“Gloria, you mean you hid all this from us?”
Nath’s mom asked and then shrugged her shoulders. “No wonder you travelled out for good one year claiming to have gotten a job, you are a disgrace,” She spat out in anger and folded her arms.

“I was equally surprised the day Eric came back home to tell me of the meeting Gloria had with him and a boy called David,” Mr Peter spoke up again.

“Auntie, did you really do all this?” Nath asked calmly but mom didn’t answer cos she was crying bitterly.

“Dad!” Eric called.

came the reply.

“Does it mean Becky and I are siblings?”

The father smiled, “No! Ken is her son, She gave birth to Ken.”

“Which Ken?”
Josh exclaimed.

“Ken, he told me he once met you guys at the cinema,”

Mr Peter smiled again.

“What!” Nath and Josh shouted in unison.

While they were still basked in the euphoria of shock, I had just one question to ask my mother.

“Do you mean Eric isn’t my son?”
Mom asked in a shaky voice.

“Yes!” was the answer Mr Peter gave to her.

Soon, everyone turned to look at me coz I had been watching them quietly.

I cleared my throat and stood up, “I have just one question but if the answer turns positive…” I paused and scanned their faces.

“Ask!” Josh urged.

I faced mom, “Did you poison dad, I mean my father?” I demanded with my novel still in my hands but mom ignored me. I got angry and stood up. “Answer me mom!” I shouted.

Mom raised her watery red eyes to look at me. “Y…eee…sss!” she stammered.

“I disown you mom,”
I screamed and ran upstairs without caring who followed me or not…

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