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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 1 - Episode 25
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I ran straight up and in the heat of my anger, completely forgot that the door to my room was closed and as I ran, I hit my forehead hard on the metal door. Though it hurt so much but I cared less, I just stopped in pains and opened the door, then walked in and pushed the door back for it to close but I guess something blocked it. I threw the novel on the bed and turned back to face whosoever had followed me into the room.

Eric stood right infront of me as I turned. “Get out!” I ordered with my eyes closed.

“Stop shouting like that Becky,”
I heard Nath’s voice say and also heard footsteps which I guessed was his, so I gently opened my eyes to find Nath and Josh staring pointedly at me.

“I want to be left alone,”
I demanded and folded my arms.

“You’re needed back downstairs,” Eric said calmly.


“The meeting isn’t yet over,”
Nath said.

“To hell with any stupid meeting, I am not leaving this room to anywhere,”
I shouted and unfolded my arms, then walked and sat on my bed and began tapping my right foot rhythmically on the floor.

Nath came and sat beside me, then placed his hands across my shoulders. “She’s still your mother Becky.”

“I am an orphan dear cousin,”
I said, stood up and walked to my where my storage cart stood, close to my reading table. “I doubt if I’ll pass any of my examinations nor class test this term or maybe I should just drop out of school,” I hissed and sat on my reading chair with my elbows supporting my chin. Eric walked up to me and stood behind me. Then he carried me up with the chair and place infront of my dressing mirror.

“Look into the mirror and tell me what you see,”
he smiled.

“Myself of course,”
I said, looking confused as I stared at the mirror.

“Good, You are a strong woman and shouldn’t let anyone or anything make you feel bad or defeated,”
he said and placed his hands on my upper shoulders.

“I will never forgive her. She killed my father thus shortening his life on earth,” I stood up, making him drop his hands down forcefully.

I walked to the toilet door and held the hand to open but stopped to face them(Nath who still sat on my bed and Eric who stood behind my reading chair. “And one more thing, Gloria James isn’t my mother henceforth. Anyone who calls her my mother should be ready to bury my corpse. She is cursed and so be it, Forgiving heart replaced,” I said defiantly, gazed at them for a few seconds, then opened the door to the toilet, entered it and slammed the door behind me.

“Becky is just as stubborn as her late father,”
I heard Nath say in a voice of resignation. I could only smile but the word “LATE” reminded me of the fact that my own mother, the woman who carried me in her womb for nine good months, had the daring guts to poison my own father. But wait a minute, why did she even do that? What was she thinking? I asked rhetorically, then shook my head and faced the mirror in my toilet. “I will never forgive her and I’ll be sure to make life a living hell for her,” I vowed as anger and hatred began boiling in my heart. And Yes! This is how the enmity between my mom and I began…


The next day was a sunday and I had woken up thirty minutes before my alarm rang but then I couldn’t gather enough strength to step downt from my bed. I felt very weak but couldn’t figure out the reason why. My legs seemed to glued to the bed and I felt paralyzed in both hands. My head too wasn’t even helping matters as it felt like two fat women were pounding something right inside my head. But then instead of pounding something like pepper or something inside a small plastic mortar, they both were pounding heavy stones that simply refused to break.

I called out loud in the little strength I had left. “Nath!” I called again after seconds of silence but got no reply.

“Oh God! What is happening to me?” I thought and fell back on the bed, then rolled to the floor. Soon I began screaming in pains as the pains got worse and extended to my stomach.

My cousins came running into my room to find me struggling for breath.

“Help! Get the car, she’s vomiting blood,”
Nath knelt beside me and shouted at Josh who immediately turned and ran out.

“I’m dying, Nath,”
I began breathing heavily as my eyes were closing.

“What did you eat last night?” Nath asked and carried me up.

“I… I… The bottle… I drank it…” I stammered but my breath failed me and everywhere became dark…

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