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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 1 - Episode 26
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* * *

I woke up to find myself on bed. The sharp smell of drugs pierced my nostrils and my instints quickly told me I was on an hospital bed. I slowly opened my eyes and turned my head.

“Where am I?”
I asked.

“Thanks goodness, she’s awake,”
Nath exclaimed and stood up from where he sat to my bedside while Josh, my auntie and uncle also surrounded me. I could also see my mom standing beside the armchair in the ward.

Her eyes spelt confusion and I guess she was confused as to wether to come to me or not.

“Call the doctor please,”
Nath said to Josh.

Josh smiled and turned to leave but mom spoke up.

“I will go,” she said and before one could stop her, she was out of the ward.

Nath sat beside me and held my right hand, “The doctor said you drank chemical mixed with kerosene. Why? Please don’t try that next time o coz I will just die for you.”

“Die for me, am I your girlfriend?”
I asked drawly.

“Becky!” my uncle called. “You are still not strong enough to start arguing,” he said and touched my forehead, then the doctor walked in. The same doctor that said I fell and hit my brain(kai, I will never forget, lol).

Space was created for her to examine me. “She needs to eat and rest for now,” she said calmly with a smile.

“I’ll get her some food,” my auntie said.

“And I’ll come with you,” my uncle added.

“I came with food,” Mom added, trying to join the conversation.

My aunt eyed her angrily, “No! Thanks,” she hissed and left with her husband following her behind.

“I’ll be in my office but please Becky, never you do such again,” the doctor smiled at me.

Though I was weak but I felt a bit happy, “I promise.”

“Good, get well soon,”
she touched my cheek and also left the ward.

Josh carried an armchair to my bedside and sat on it. “Why?”

“Why what?”
I questioned back.

“You know what I mean, don’t you?”

I glared at my mom who stood crying like an helpless chicken. “I’m sorry, It won’t happen again,” I apologised. Truth is, I had drank the chemical that faithful morning coz I wanted to punish my mom but unfortunately my plan failed.

“Better cos you’ve been unconscious for two days and you’ve missed school too,”
Nath frowned.

I smiled at him, “Stop frowning na, I said I’m sorry.”

That got him and he smiled too while Josh was just grinning like a fool(sorry Josh, lol).

Soon my auntie and uncle came in with a big white bag that had “Crunches ” on it. Nath helped me sit up as Josh collected the bag and placed it on the small cupboard that was beside my bed.

“Who and who will eat all this?”
Josh asked.

“Na una sabi,” my uncle said in pidgin and my cousins laughed. Josh brought out a plate of jollof rice and pointed it towards me, then opened it. Gosh! The aroma was so aromantic(lol) but I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat even half of the food.

“Oya baby yo, open your mouth and eat,”
Josh said as he scouped the rice with a spoon to my mouth but mom moved towards us.

“Let me feed her,”
she requested while Josh shook his head negatively.

“Do you want to poison her too?” my auntie asked as she turned to where she stood and pushed her backwards.

“She is my child,”
mom protested.

“And you killed her father,”
my auntie retorted.

Mom looked deeply hurt, “Esty please don’t start,” she pleaded. “I’ve cried enough.”

“You’ve not even seen something yet, I will make sure you rot in jail,”
My auntie fired but then my uncle reached out and held her waist.

“Come on baby, that’s enough, people do make mistakes,” he pleaded.

“Mistake fire!”

“Please don’t mind them, eat,”
Josh said, trying to force the food into my mouth.

“I’ve lost my appetite,” I declined and shook my head in the negative.

“Please just a little,” Nath said, looking at me like one who was asking his girlfriend for forgiveness but again I shook my head.

“Shae you’ve seen what you’ve caused, shameless b---h of a sister,” my auntie hissed and pushed my mom backwards again.

“Honey stop this madness, she is still your sister and blood,”
my uncle rebuked in annoyance.

My auntie wriggled out of his hold, “Tufia, God forbid bad sister, contaminateg blood, devil incarnate, wolf in sheep clothing…”

Nath and Josh interrupted in unison.

“What?” My auntie turned to them, ready to vent her anger on them.

“Hia!! Drama,” Nath laughed. One thing I loved about him is that he always manages to laugh so as to reduce tension even in the midst of crisis.

Just then, Eric walked into the ward with his father and Ken.

My joy knew no bounds as I set my eyes on him.

I jumped down from my bed and ran to him, then threw myself on him, surprising everyone with my action.

“I’ve missed you so much,”
I smiled happily.

“What?” Nath exclaimed, unable to believe his ears…


* * *

Eric was surprised at first but he later held me tight. I really loved the warm feeling I was getting and it made me feel like holding onto him forever.

“What is going on here?”
my auntie asked, startling me with her words though her voice was calm. I gently but reluctantly released Eric.

“Isn’t it obvious they’re inlove with each other,” Mr Peter said, smiling broadly as if he was the reason behind my falling inlove with Eric.

“I’m speechless,” Nath said.

“Not only you, I’m over speechless,” Josh concurred, still holding the plate of food.

Ken walked up and stood infront of me with his hands in his trouser pockets. We stood staring at each other for sometime before he finally spoke up.

“I knew you were my sister right from when I saw you at the cinema but decided to act along and keep mute, that’s why I choosed not to follow you after you had left with Nath and Josh,” he smiled cheerfully and brought out his hands from his pocket and stretched out his right for a shake.

It felt a little awkward as I also stretched out my hands for a shake but instead of shaking me, he held my hand and pulled me to himself for a hug. We held unto each other for a little longer than normal. Though I had Nath and Josh as my cousins, I thought it would be fun having a senior brother too and for once I felt indebted to my mom but the fact that she had killed my father wiped out all emotional feelings I had for her.

“I will always be there for you,” Ken promised and released me to look into my eyes but I could only smile in appreciation.

“Hey! Don’t try to snatch her away from us o,” Nath laughed and also stood up to hug Ken while Josh did same. Soon everyone embraced each other except mom who stood like a statue with her tears flowing in torrents. I felt moved by her tears and remembered my father’s last words before he died on the hospital bed, “”Always look out for your mother and never let her cry.”” Tears filled my eyes as I ran to her and hugged her, taking everyone aback.

My aunt tried to stop me but her husband stopped her.

“I’m just wondering how Becky regained her lost memory so soon,”
Nath whispered to Josh. I just smiled to myself and said in my mind, “You will soon find out…

It was a bright monday morning as I walked with Eric to school. Unlike every other monday mornings, this one seemed a bit more noisy and cheerful as the birds perched and chirped on tree tops along the path. I thought of the latest events that had happened. The secrets unfolding, the chemical I drank, the amnesia, issues with mom etc. All this happenings had made me stay back from school for a whole week and I felt very happy that I was fit to go back to school and this time not alone but with Eric(hmm) coz he and Ken now stayed with us which meant more excitement and drama. I had forgiven my mom, though not wholeheartedly and even though we spoke to each other, it wasn’t as friendly as before. And even my auntie had travelled back to the states with my uncle angle according to her, for recuperation but they left Nath and Josg behind to find wives…

Now let me tell you what happened on my way to school that morning…

As we walked, holding each other’s hands. I turned to face Eric and asked, “Do you think your dad or anyone would approve of our relationship?”

“Why do you ask?”
Eric wanted to know.

“Because we are somewhat related,”
I replied.

“Yes and you too can’t be together,” a voice from behind said, making us stop and turn to face the intruder.

I screamed excitedly and wanted to hug him but Eric stopped me and moved forward to stand face to face with David.

“And who are you to think we can’t be together?” he asked.

“I am David, the boy that speaks and everyone else bows and listens,”
David hit his chest boldly which came as a shock to me. “I love Becky and she belongs to only me, I might look too young but I am the one who deserves her not you,” he added.

“Wow! I love your guts, let’s see who wins,”
Eric smiled confidently

“The love battle line has been drawn, be prepared,”
David said, glanced at me and walked away. I was speechless as I stared after him. Imagine small David, fighting for love with Eric, the head boy. Hmm, well! Let’s see who wins at last…


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