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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 11
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The kitchen became as silent as a cemetery. I was breathing heavily and I felt mom could hear it too. Something pushed fluids into my bladder and my legs began to shake.

“I’m still waiting for an answer Becky?” Mom said. Her face looked very tight without a trace of smile on it.

“Mom please,” I pleaded as I held my skirt with my hands and bent a little. “I’m really pressed.”

“Then give me a reply or you urinate here,”
Mom said defiantly and dropped the frying spoon inside the pan.

“Mom please, pity your only daughter na,” I pleaded again almost crying.

“Okay, we’ll go the toilet together,” Mom said and held my left ear, twisting it as she dragged me out of the kitchen to the sitting room…

“Mom, my ear will cut o.” You left the groundnut like that, what if something falls inside?” This words and many more kept flowing out of my mouth as mom led me upstairs to my room but I guess that day was a bad day for me because mom paid deaf ear to all my pleas…


Mom released me and I ran into the toilet.
In the toilet, the urine came coming out like it would never stop flowing. I didn’t even want it to stop flowing sef because-hmm- I was in for serious gobe.

“Did something hold you inside that toilet?”
Mom queried from inside the room. I quickly stood up, wiped my urinary with a wiper and flushed the toilet…

I walked inside my room like a prodigal daughter(lol) looking down and fiddling my fingers. When I had sat on my bed, I noticed my box that was beside mom and my diary that was in her hand and I didn’t know when I shouted “Father Lord have mercy.”

“Father Lord will always have mercy on those that are truthful. I thought maybe you had fallen inside the closet,”
Mom said and smiled a bit. “Now tell me, Did you kiss or not?”

I looked at the diary in her hand and I knew lying would be pointless coz all my secrets were in that diary ranging from how a guy had touched my b----t in Jss3 and how I had slapped the living hell out of him. “I did mom but it was a mistake.”

“A mistake, did you try stopping yourself?”


I swallowed hard. “I couldn’t mom, it was my first kiss and I enjoyed it, I even…”

“You even wetted your pant?”
Mom interrupted.

I looked at her embarrassingly and nodded.

“Oh no! Becky, Becky, Becky!!! How many times have I called you?”

“Three mom.”

“What did I tell you about boys?”


“Yes Becky, boys?”

“You said I should always try to avoid getting intimate with them,”
I answered, still looking down.

“Good, come closer,” Mom said and I shifted closer to her while she placed my head on her laps. “You are fourteen, right?”

I said, though I knew the question didn’t need an answer.

“Becky, listen carefully. I’m not against you making friends with boys but you shouldn’t let it get to the extreme. I had to send Eric back to his father’s house coz he appears to be a bad influence to you and that’s why he isn’t here coz he had gone there from school while your brother and cousins went to see him. Theres nothing you will get from a guy at this tender age, all you need to do is to focus on your education and then the guys will come at the right time. I know I might not always be there to watch you but I will always keep advising and praying for you. At this age, all what a guy needs from you is s-x and you know pre marital s-x is very wrong. I know David is a good friend but you never can tell coz no one can ever be trusted,” she advised and raised my head so she could look into my eyes. “Do you understand me at all?”
“Yes mom.”
“Kissing a guy is bad and it’s bad for you because you are still too young.

You can be friends but never let it get to the extreme,”
Mom concluded.

“Thanks mom, I promise I’ll never let you down,” I smiled and hugged her.

“Thanks my jewel, I pray God keeps me alive so I can always guide you through the right path,” Mom smiled too and held me tight.

I released her after some minutes and she stood up. “Do the needful and come downstairs for lunch,” she said and dropped my diary on my box but as she made to leave, I held her hands again.

“Mom, Did you really poison dad?”
I asked.

The question made her look hurt. She sat back on my bed and took my hands in hers.

“I love you Becky and that’s why I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made,” she began with a broken voice as tears rolled down her eye balls.

I felt touched. I moved closer to her and placed my hand across her shoulder, then wiped her tears. “What mistake mom?”

“Your father was a drug addict and a womanizer,”
she said and broke into sobs.

“What!” I exclaimed. “You mean dad?… Oh no!…”

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