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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 12
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The room was filled with silence. I watched mom stood up and wipe her face with the hem of her multi-coloured blouse, then sniffed.

“Don’t worry Becky, let’s not dwell in the past,”
she said and walked towards the door.

“But mom…” I started.

she called without looking at me.


“Do they needful and come downstairs for lunch,”
She said and left the room, closing the door behind her.

I sat and stared at the close door wondering if mom was lying to simply cover the truth or she was just being honest. But then, I decided not to let anything bother me, though I still thought of how I was going to stop being more than friendly with David.

As I stood up to undress, my mind flashed back to Eric but I quickly began to sing so I could wash the thoughts of him away…

After bathing and dressing up in a black flare skirt and purple top, I packed my uniform and went downstairs coz it needed washing but this time, I went through the back to avoid passing through the sitting room coz I could hear voices. One sounded like David’s father but I wasn’t sure.

On normal days, washing my uniform takes me almost an hour because I will soak it in the soapy water, then squat and start making bubbles with the foam, an action that annoyes mom a lot. But you know, I guess that day was different coz I washed very fast and within two minutes, the cloths hung on the line to dry. I picked up the enamel pail which made clacky sounds on the cemented floor, to pour out the water but a voice stopped me and I turned back. Lo and behold, David stood at the doorstep, with his hands in his trouser pockets. He wore a plain polo which showed his tiny developing muscles and a dark blue jean trouser.

“Hey! Why staring at me?”
he asked.

I hissed and walked to where the pipe leading outside was to pour the water. David watched me as I rinse the pail and my leg.

“Why were you washing so fast, are you expecting someone or you wanted to…”

“Shut up!”
I interrupted him. “Everytime talk talk like parrot,” I hissed again, pushed him aside and walked to where the small towel was on a small rod that was fixed to the wall under the stairs.

“Chai, this girl looks more beautiful when she’s angry,” David said smiling and looking at the washing machine.

I didn’t answer him but instead cleaned my legs with towel, then hand it over to him. “Please, hang it on the line outside, thanks.” Surprisingly, he collected the towel and walked outside without saying a word. I just smiled and walked to the sitting room to greet his dad…


I entered and moved to David’s father to greet him. Mom had already served him drink, lemon juice.

“How are you Becky?” he asked.

“Very fine sir,”
I replied cheerfully. David came in and sat beside his father on the double couch while his father and my mom stood up.

“Be right back,” Mom smiled and led David’s dad upstairs.

I looked at David, “Do you think I’ll serve you?”

“Why won’t you serve me? Am I not a visitor?”
he asked grinning widely.

“I never invited you here,”
I said and began walking towards the kitchen.


I entered and moved straight up to where the container of groundnut and corn was. I picked out a small round plate and poured it in, then I remembered the glass of juice in the sitting room but unfortunately as I turned to go carry it, I bumped into David.

“When did you enter and why did you follow me?”

I expected David to say something but he only mumbled an apology and left the kitchen. I followed him to the sitting room to pick up the glass of juice that was in a small orange tray but he stopped me and held the glass.

“Let go,”
I said.

“My dad left it here and drinks shouldn’t be wasted,”
he smiled. I didn’t say anything, but quietly returned to the kitchen.

I decided not to go back to the sitting room, so I pulled out a chair from under the table in the middle of the kitchen and sat on it. I placed my plate of groundnut and corn on the table and started eating.

“Can I join you?”
David asked behind me.

“What’s your problem na, no visitor is allowed in our kitchen.”

David is one stubborn guy that won’t take no for an answer and he proved his stubborness by coming to sit on the chair beside me. Three chairs surrounded the table and I wondered why he choosed to sit beside me not opposite.

“Why are you upset with me?” he wanted to know.

“Do I look like I am?” I questioned and threw the a grain of nut into my mouth.

“You chew in a mature way and I…”

I interrupted and stood up. “Leave!”

David threw his hands in amazement. “Why, am I now irritating?”
“I’m annoyed with you,”
I said, lowering my voice a bit.

“What did I do wrong?”

“What is going on here?”
a voice asked and I turned to see Nath with his left hand placed across Kate, David’s sister’s shoulder…

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