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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 16
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Queen didn’t answer my question at first but instead, looked around the class again, then bent her head towards mine and whispered, “Please your voice is too loud.”

I frowned but then I lowered my voice too. “Who told your cousin about me?” I wanted to know.

“See ehn,” she began. “That’s not important for now, all that matters is that you have to accept this gift coz David can never afford this…”

“Shut up! Which David?”
David interrupted.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Queen retorted and raised her head, then sat erect.

“David please,” I said to David and held his right hand that was on top his locker. I shifted and sat in a way that I faced Queen fully. “Who told your cousin about me?”

Queen swallowed hard and glared at David.

“I asked a question,” I said, wondering what she was up to coz last I remember, we weren’t in talking terms with each other. “I hope it’s not what I’m thinking, Queen?”

Queen smiled and faced me, “What are you thinking?”

“You told your cousin about me, right?”

She exclaimed happily…

“What nonsense!”
David shouted and stood up, then sat back again almost immediately.

“Ah! David abeg, what’s making you shout like that?”
Emeka asked and hissed. “You and your girls palava.”

“Emekaa! Please,”
I pleaded. “Listen before you talk.”

“Don’t mind the fool, allow him to bark like a bull dog,”
David hissed too but before he could finish hissing, Emeka’s one leg of sandals landed on the back of his head which made David stand immediately while Queen put back the phone in her school bag.

The way the sandal hit David’s head was very funny and made me chuckle but I also stood up and followed David to Emeka’s seat coz I sensed trouble.

“Fight o, biko fight,” Joy said, jumping on top of lockers to Emeka’s.

David held Emeka’s shirt colar while I held his right hand that was fist folded, ready to punch.

“Shae you’ve seen what you’ve caused now,” I said to Queen who stood beside me.

“What did I do? I was talking to you but he decided to poke his nose into something that wasn’t his business,” Queen said defiantly.

I just hissed and faced David and Emeka again. Emeka was the tallest guy in our class and I didn’t a soothsayer to tell me that he would use his height to win David if a fight ensued but honestly, the scene looked funny. David that was my height, standing on tiptoe and stretching forward to hold Emeka’s colar.

“Emeka please na, you shouldn’t have done that,” I said calmly, struggling with David and still trying to play the role of a peacemaker.

“How dare he call me a fool?”
Emeka shouted and looked down at David, “Don’t you know I senior you?” he fired with his eyes flashing in anger. “Now let go of my colar!”

“Becky, oooh, allow me na!”
David said. His eyes looked teary and bloodshot.

“I said let go!”
Emeka ordered again.

“Boys fight,”
Esther, another of my classmate laughed.

“And the wife is defending the husband,”
Joy chirped in and clapped her hands.

“Yes o. Emeka join them both and beat,” Peace added, laughing too.

“David let go of his colar na,”
I said again, beginning to get pissed off. “You are just too stubborn.”

Emeka forcefully slapped his hands away and was about landing David a slap but I held his hand midway.

“Don’t even dare,” I threatened, though I knew I wasn’t his match but I was ready to defend David.

“Becky stay out of this,”
David said and pushed me away, making me stagger.

“Queen this all your fault,”
I glared at Queen but she seemed less concerned.

“And so, I never asked him to join our conversation.”

“Becky face Emeka and let Queen be,”
Joy smiled devishly and pushed me towards Emeka.

“You guys should stay out of this. David, do you guys really want to fight?” I asked looking from Emeka to David.

“Allow me deal with this fool,” Emeka said and raised his right hand.

I looked at him but his gaze was fixed on Emeka. I shrugged in resignation and folded my arms. “Oya o. Fight.”

“Y…eee…sss! Fight,”
Joy screamed.

I waited, staring at both of them but the just stood staring at Each other.

Then Emeka hissed and sat back on his locker while David went back to his seat. I was surprised. “What happened?” I asked.

Joy pushed me aside and held Emeka’s hand, “Why are you behaving like a weakling?” she frowned.

“What is your own?”
I said and held her braids but what she did made me think that the whole stuff had been planned, though I wasn’t sure…

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