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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 17
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Joy turned and before I could even think of defending myself, she landed me a slap with the back of her palm making me stagger a bit and hold my cheek.

“Next time don’t you dare allow those filthy hands to touch any part of my body again,”
she eyed me and walked towards the door, then out of the class.

“Chai, I love this oo, Joy, tell me what you want to eat, biko,”
Peace laughed and joined Joy outside the class.

“I’m sorry,” Queen apologised but I ignored her and moved to squat beside David’s locker, then placed my hand on his lap because he had his head bent on top of the locker. He was looking down.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“It’s alright,” he said and raised his head while I stood up and he held my left hand. “You endured a slap because of me,” he smiled.

I smiled too and removed my hand from his, then took few steps and sat back on my locker. “It’s nothing Dave.”

“It’s something Becky.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just kept quiet and we looked at each other affectionately. “David, we’re in class,” I said after few seconds and faced front…

After break, the rest of the went uneventful but I still couldn’t stop thinking of the slap Joy had given me. Quite unlike me, I didn’t retaliate but it’s well sha…

Soon, it was school over but I just sat and stared at my open locker, feeling very reluctant to go home.

“Hello woman power,”
Joy said as she stood infront of my locker. “How was the slap?”

I took my time to examine her face, then shook my head. “I don’t have your time.”

“Better not. Anyways we came to warn you,”
she smiled mischievously and glanced at Peace who was behind her. “Accept Queen’s offer and stay off people’s boyfriend or you’ll be getting more slaps each day,” she concluded and adjusted her school bag.

I laughed while David came to stand beside me and hold my hand. “Are you done talking?” we asked in unison.


“We ain’t scared of any s--t,”
David said boldly.

“Fine then, we shall see,” They(Peace and Joy) eyed us and left the class. I turned to Queen’s seat but she was gone.

“This Queen is a she devil,” I said.

“Let’s go,” David released my hand and put it inside my locker to bring out my note but I stopped him.

“I want to go plaite my hair today, I won’t be chanced to read.”

“It’s wrong. Your hair can wait till weekend but your book can’t wait,”
David smiled and brought out my economics note, then closed and locked my locker. He carried my book with his and pulled me up, then we walked towards the door but Emeka’s voice stopped us.

“Be careful, David and Becky.
They are evil,”
he warned.

“Thank you,”
David hissed and pulled me out of the class…


We didn’t say anything to each other till we were outside the gate.

“Why are they against us?”
I asked David once we were outside the gate.

“Why are you worried about them?”

“Because I can’t help it.”

“Try and help it.”

“Why David, ain’t you worried too?”
I asked, wondering what he was up to.

“I will report them to my father and you, to your mom,” He said with so much confidence in his voice.

“Do you think that will help us?”

“Trust me,”
he smiled and handed me my exercise book.

I looked at the book and frowned, “Help me na, please.”

“Why should I?”

“You are my friend na and friends help each other.”

“What type of friends are we?”
he grinned, then began hitting the books together which made him look like a small child that’s very happy because the mother has brought out her b----t for he/she to sU-Ck.

“Hia! David. Do friends have types?” I laughed.

“Yes na, oya tell me.”

“I don’t know jhoor,”
I said and folded my arms.



“Okay, case closed,”
he shrugged in resignation and we became silent…

We continued walking quietly till we finally reached our gate and stopped, facing each other.

“Thank you,”
I smiled and stretched forth my right hand to collect my book which he handed to me. “Bye,” I turned to go.

he called. I stopped and faced him again. “I won’t see you again till tomorrow. Can I please get a hug, just brief?”

I thought of what mom said, “Don’t get too intimate” but then, Just a hug, I said to myself and moved closer to him.

Within seconds, we were in each others arms. I felt so warm that I completely lost it and forgot we were infront of my house and anyone could come out. Just as predicted, the gate swung open and before we could disengage, we were caught in the act. My mouth felt like there was hot cocoyam in it as I turned and saw the person at the gate… Chai!

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