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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 18
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David and I glanced at each other in fear, wondering what would happen now.

I moved closer towards the gate with my chest thumping loudly.”Goodafternoon mom,” I greeted with my mouth still feeling very hot.

Mom stared at me for what seemed like eternity before asking David to go and then me inside the house. I knew trouble awaited me as I headed to the front door because mom didn’t even answer my greetings…


I walked in to meet my cousins and step brother playing chess because there was power outage.

“You guys should ask Becky to tell you what I caught her doing outside with David,”
Mom said without giving me a chance to even greet them.

“But mom, it was just a…”
I began.

“Just a what?”
Mom shouted and raised her hands towards me for a slap but then I covered my face and shifted back coz mom’s hand is an iron that can send one straight into the bottomless pit(abyss).

“Aunt please,” Nath pleaded and stood up, then placed his hand across mom’s shoulder.

“What crime has she committed this time?”
Ken asked, also getting up but Josh just sat there and stared at me.

“She was hugging David passionately, right infront of the gate,”
Mom told them, almost screaming as she held the hair and shook it in anger.

“Aunty please, calm down,”
Nath pleaded again.

“We have to do something before things get out of control,” Ken said with a very serious face, no trace of smile atall.

mom concurred. “I will change her school to a boarding school.”

“I think that will do better, she deserves a come-uppance,”
Josh agreed and stood up too.

“I will make the arrangements ASAP,” Mom said, glared at me before turning and heading upstairs.

Nath and Ken followed suit while Josh stayed back.

“I’m disappointed in you Becky,”
he frowned, breaking my heart with his statement.

“I’m sorry,”
I mumbled and looked down.

“Your mom deserves that not me,” he said and with that, joined the rest upstairs, leaving me behind. I stood for sometime before leaving for my room too.

I climbed the “S” curved stairs slowly, counting the steps as I walked.

Soon, I reached my room. I opened the door and entered. I thought of locking it but then decided against it coz I knew my mom, she would definitely come to talk to me, so I left the door half open.

I took off my uniform and put it in the hanger, then hung it in my wardrobe.

I did the needful(bathing and rest) but unlike me, my appetite was gone, so I just sat on my bed and rested my back of the wall(I sat on the side I normally keep my pillows and that gave me the chance to pick up one of my pillow and place it on my lap).

I thought of what mom’s final decision was going to be. I really loved
PRESTIGIOUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and couldn’t bear the pains of leaving it to another. A boarding school at that which I hated so much and I knew mom would take me to an all girls secondary school, the thought of that alone irritated me the more.

Mom came into my room hours later and sat on the edge of the bed beside me.

“Have you had lunch?” she inquired.

I shook my head negatively. “I’m sorry mom,” I apologised.

“You will be going with me to ROYAL PEARLS ACADEMY tomorrow,” she said instead. “I have made all the necessary arrangements. It’s all girls, I’m sure you will love it there better than prestigious,” she concluded and stood up.

“I don’t to leave my school mom,” I said calmly, hoping she’d understand and change her mind.

“My mind is already made up Becky, just get prepared,”
she said and with that left my room.

I felt very annoyed. I thought of how I will cope but I knew no amount of tears nor pleading would change mom’s mind, so I resigned to my fate and decided to agree to whatsoever she said…


I woke up the next day, feeling pissed off. I did my morning chores and soon, mom and I were on our way to ROYAL PEARLS ACADEMY.

I wore a blue jean trouser and red t-shirt with red sandals while mom wore a blue straight gown with black pencil heels. I choosed not to say a word inside the car but mom seemed very happy with herself. All I could think of was David and didn’t even know when we had arrived till mom tapped me lightly on the shoulder.

“Don’t think too much, here will help you forget about boys and face your studies,”
she said and smiled, then unbuckled her seat belt, opened the car door and got out while I did same.

“I just hope I’ll be happy here,” I thought as I stood beside the car and stared at the school buildings…


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