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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 20
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The kiss got deeper and deeper as the time went by and I enjoyed it to the extent that I even had to hold David’s face. Soon David’s hands found it’s way into my blouse and then on my b***s which was inside a small handless underwear that had b----t pad underneath( that’s what I wore cos my b----t wasn’t fully developed as at that time). David sq££zed and fondled my b----t lovingly. Though it was a bit painful but I enjoyed it and termed it as “Painful Pleasure.” My pant was d--n wet and gosh I was still dripping wet even though the whole experience was new to me. I began to m0an silently and I could feel David’s front trouser expanding. I wanted to do something to him as well but since I didn’t know what to do, I just held his face while he kept kissing and fondling my b***s.

The kiss became more and more intense. David removed his hands from the blue blouse I wore and began making his way towards my black trouser. It felt as if my sense had returned as I quickly stopped and held his hand to avoid any further attempt while we stared at each other, affectionately.

“Uhm… I’m sorry,”
we both started to say in unison, then laughed. I arranged my blouse and smiled.

“My pant is wet,”
I said.

“I’m hard,”
David smiled. “I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have done this,” he apologised.

“Please David, stop apologising. Who thought you this?”
I asked.

“American movies,”
he said shyly. “It’s actually my first time of practising.”

“Oh! I see, fast learner,”
I chuckled. “Thanks Dave.”

He googled at me and raised his eye brow in a way that showed “Thanks for what.”

“You’ve touched my heart, I just wish I could allow you take my pride.”

David smiled again and held both of my hands in his. “Becky!” he began. “In as much as I enjoyed what we did, I know it’s wrong coz we are still too young for this. Your pride as a girl is your virginity and I have no right to tamper with it. Your mom made the right decision by changing your school.”

I frowned. “She isn’t right.”

“Listen Becky, I might be too young but I know what true love is. Your mother wants the best for you and I do same. Just promise me you won’t join any bad company in royal pearls?”

It was a hard decision to make cos I couldn’t tell what fate had in stock for me but I was determined to be the best. “Yes, I promise and promise me you’ll take care of yourself and stay happy?”

“I cross my heart Becky, I love you,”
he concluded.

I just kept quiet and stared at him. I like him, yes but I wasn’t sure if that could be classified as love.

“Why can’t you tell me you love me too?” he asked.

“Because I’m not sure David.”

“It’s alright, I won’t pressurize you, take your time angel,”
he said with a smile and stood up, then pulled me up as well. “Time to go.”

I glanced at my wristwatch and the time read 5:45pm. “Yes, time to go.”

“A hug?”

I laughed softly, “Sure but I hope this one won’t lead us into another trouble?”

“Naughty girl,”
David laughed too and pulled me into his arms for a good night hug…
We later left the school compound and headed towards the main road. Different vehicles could be seen plying the road. It was evening and so many people were returning from work.

“Are we taking a cab?”
I asked as we walked towards the small park.

“Only you.”


“I’ve got an errand to run for mom,”
He said.

“I see.”

He held my hands and walked to a bus and I entered, then he waited till the bus finish loading passengers.

As the bus drove out, I could still see David standing and staring after the bus.
Inside the bus, I thought of what we did back then in class and couldn’t stop smiling to myself. I prayed within myself that everything turns out right and that I should be able to be happy in my new school…


I walked into the sitting room to meet everyone(mom, Ken and my cousins) watching one American movie like that which reminded me of David. I greeted everyone and went to sit beside Josh. Mom was busy staring at me suspiciously.

Josh smiled and kissed my forehead, then placed a hand across my shoulder, pulling me to himself.

“What’s making you so happy?”
Mom asked.

“Haba momma, is it bad to be happy?” I laughed.

“No, just curious sha.”

“You people should let my angel be please,”
Josh smiled and smoothened my hair. “How was your evening?”

I responded happily.

“Becky! I’m suspicious o,”
Nath said.

“Me too,” Ken concurred.

“Don’t mind them, they are jealous,” Josh said and we both laughed…

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