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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 21
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The next day was a thursday and was very hectic as well. I had to go to Prestigious school with mom to tidy up some stuffs like informing the teachers and principal. In Royal pearls, lockers were provided, so I only had to remove my text and exercise books. I felt happy and sad as some of my friends hugged me and wished me well( Did I just say friends?, maybe not coz Queen, Joy and Peace hugged me too). I felt happy I was leaving Joy and Co. And felt sad because of- you know who(lol) David of coz…
We later got home at about 3:15pm coz we had stopped at market where mom bought my provisions, another pair of sandals, slippers etc etc. Boarding school is just like home, so you’ll need virtually almost everything you use at home except cooking stove or gas, phones etc. We packed so many stuffs into the house and everywhere became busy…


The rest of the week became very busy because I was to go back to school that sunday. Finally saturday came and oboi, you need to see the way everybody was just running up and down(serves mom right anyway). My auntie and uncle had even returned and thanks goodness, they reunited with mom. Mom didn’t buy me a new box because I had a spare box at home. I helped arranged everything into the box ranging from new pants(mom bought me two dozens of pant even though the prospectus stated twelve i.e twelve white and twelve coloured). I wondered what I would do with all those pants but guess what? Mom knew better. A new towel, four bed spreads(two coloured and two whites), hangers etc.

Mom had gotten my uniform, a royal blue skirt with pleatings all over, white short sleeve shirt and blue tie to match with blue beret and white socks. The school sandals was black covershoe like. The day wear was blue and white check(that big eye check,lol).

My mom was like, “Becky, get me this and that. Becky o, Becky Becky Becky.” chai, I was already beginning to feel headache.

“Come and rest, you look so tired,”
Josh said as I was about leaving the sitting room to run another errand. The stuffs were being arranged in the sitting room and everywhere was filled up with nylons of new stuffs, bags etc.

I heaved a sigh of relief and sat beside Josh while he placed his hand across my shoulder.

“Going to a boarding school doesn’t mean you should over work yourself,”
he said.

“Yes, Becky,”
my auntie concurred. “Go and have some rest, we will do the rest.”

I couldn’t say a word coz honestly I was very tired. I just thanked them and left to my room…


The sunday evening breeze felt very chilly on my skin as I sat on a double bunk. Mom and the rest had left minutes ago and some kindhearted students had helped me pack my stuffs to the hostel I was to stay. As I sat, I remembered David and how he had cried when he and his family had come to the house to bid me goodbye. Eric and his dad too had come. My cousins, brother and elders had given me so much money that I had to give some to mom while she gave me three thousand as pocket money which I felt was too much.

The hostel was like a long hall, with double bunks. I had never slept on a bunk before and i thank God I slept on the down. Ten girls stayed in each hostel and the bunks were arranged in a way that each corner had two lockers and wardrobe for each person. It looked good but my mind wasn’t there.

a voice called, startling me. “Stop thinking and come on, lets help you,” she said and sat on my mattress that still had a mattress cover on it. I just nodded and stared at them. All the nine girls had surrounded my corner.

“Are you shy or sad?”
another asked.

“Uhm, No, what’s the name of this hostel please?” I asked, looking from one person to another.

They all wore different coloured tights and underwears. Some even wore bra.

“It’s called the “Peace cottage” but we call it “The hottest girls cottage,”
a light skinned girl answered as she carried my box, place it on her laps while I handed her the key to open it.

“Wow, you’ve got so many pants,”
she said excitedly. They all joined her and I just watched quietly as they reduced the number of my pant from 24 to 15, thus taking one each of them.

“Sorry dear, that’s how we roll,”
another girl smiled and pulled my bag of provisions to her side.

“Your parents are rich right?”
she asked.

“Yes,” I said without thinking twice.

“Good, cos only rich girls stay here,” she smiled.

I exclaimed unexpectedly and before I could hold myself, they were all staring at me, amusingly…


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