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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 23
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We finished eating and they began dressing up while Jessica took the food pack outside to wash.

“Where are you guys heading?” I inquired glancing at my wristwatch.

It read 6:55pm and by that time at home, I was always sleeping.

“Class my dear, hope you have atleast a note to read coz here we don’t joke with prep classes o,” Anny said.

“Tomorrow will be the fourth week of resumption in my former school and we taught a lot,”
I said, smiling proudly.

they said in unison. “That’s superb, you look intelligent too,” Esty added.

“Thank you,”
I appreciated and also dressed up.

Soon we left for class. What baffled me in class was the way they concentrated. I had taken about thirty minutes arranging my books inside the locker. We didn’t go with lamps cos there was light.

The time keeper rang the bell by 9:00pm, which signified prep over. We had our night prayers at the assembly hall and I also got the chance to meet my classmates and mingle. Some seniors even asked my name…

We went back to the hostel at about 9:20pm.

Then it was time to bath. I brought out my toiletries and joined them but after we had wore our nighties, Becky1, Esty and Jessica wore perfumes and were about leaving the hostel.

“Where to?”
I asked, wondering what they were up to coz they had told me no more school activities for the day.

“Our senior friends dormitory,”
Jessica replied.

I was lost, “Senior friend?”

Esty smiled, then they hugged me briefly and left.

I didn’t say anymore word but instead wore my pink floral nightie, then removed my alarm clock.

“What time do you wake up?”
I asked.

“Five o’clock,” Rita who lay on my up bunk answered.

“Okay,” I said and set the alarm, then hung it on a protruding nail, close to the fan regulator at one end. I removed my Bible and turned.

“Hia! Madam, Bible ni?”
Rita who lay watching me asked.

“Let’s pray na,” I smiled as I watched her eyes glow in the light from the bulb that illuminated the room.

I thought maybe I had made a point but the all bursted into laughter, even the once I thought had slept laughed too.

“Prayer ogini, biko bia, climb your bed and sleep,”
Prisca said from her corner.

“Allow her na,” Gold chuckled. “Becky, you can pray o, atleast your prayer will cover us but we ain’t prayer warriors here.”

“New students never cease to amaze me,”
Mabel chirped in.

I heaved a sigh and climbed my bed but still with the Bible. I prayed silently and later lay down, listening to their talks. They were talking in low tones about boys and rich men.

“Men are stupid honestly,”
Prisca was saying.

“Not just stupid o, they are dogs,” Ella concurred.

(I forgot to add this, mosquito nets were tied to each bunks. I.e. One big mosquito net covered the up and down).

“That means your father’s are dogs na,”
Gold laughed and they began attacking her, playfully.

“See Rita, it’s late o, better go and call that your yeye friend to come back or she’ll sleep outside,” Prisca said.

“I no blame you sha,” Rita laughed. “Shae she now loves her senior friend more than me.”

I thought to myself. “How can a girl possibly love a girl?” I asked rhetorically.

“I’m missing senior Loveth, just wish she’d come back soon before the deadline,” Anny said, sounding sad.

“Mbok let person wey get better friend talk jhare,” Mabel laughed.

“Abi oo,” Gold joined.

“I don’t talk to jealous people sha,” Anny said and they all bursted into laughter.

“You guys should remember what the Queen mother said o, a cupful tonight,” I heard Prisca say.

“Who is the Queen mother?” I asked as curiousity got the better part of me.

“I thought you were sleeping, Becky2,” Rita asked, sounding surprise.

“No, I’ve been listening to you girls na, who is the Queen mother?” I asked again.

“Nevermind,” Prisca said.

“Why?” I asked but no one answered me again. I felt very scared, so I just picked up my Bible, placed it on my chest and drifted off to sleep…
I don’t know how long I had slept but I some strange noise woke me up. When I opened my eyes, the lights were off but Becky1’s bunk was creaking. I didn’t know where the courage came from but I quickly stood up and tiptoed to where the light socket was and switched on the light. Jeeezzzzzzzzz!!! What I saw almost made me pass out…


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