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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 24
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The rate and speed at which Becky1 hid the small red, diabolic looking cup marvelled me while Rita immediately covered her unclad body with her nightie which only covered the front part of her body, then they both turned to face me with bloodshot eyes.

“Switch off that light, Becky2,” Rita ordered but I simply ignored her.

“What were you girls doing and what’s that red cup for?”
I asked.

“Stop asking silly questions and switch off that light,”
Becky1 said in a low voice filled with anger.

“I might be new here but I’m not a fool. I noticed you all wear similar bracelet and now this, I won’t leave here till you explain yourselves,” I said defiantly.

“Becky, go back to sleep,” I heard Prisca’s voice say behind me and I turned to see Prisca staring at me with folded arms.

“I demand an explanation,” I said again with seriousness but she just looked at me directly in the eye and then it felt like I was being controlled coz I walked quietly back to my corner, lay on my bed and within seconds I slept off…

The next morning, Someone tapped me gently to wake up and on opening my eyes, I saw Prisca sitting on my bed.

“Good morning,”
I greeted and sat up while she smiled.

“Morning BeckJa, what happened to you last night?” she asked.

“Me? Nothing,”
I answered. “Did something happen?” I gave her a questioning look but she just smiled and stood up. To me, I felt like something had happened the previous night but surprisingly, I couldn’t remember anything.

“Get up and join us prepare for school,”
she added and left

“Something isn’t right here,”
I thought as I joined them in the early morning exercise and the rest.

After the morning prayers, we did some cleaning before going to the refectory for breakfast and then to the class.

The class was good. The teachers too, very friendly and accomodating as well. I also had chance to discuss with few others. Only Gold, Jessica and I stayed in the same class but other’s stayed in different classes.

I enjoyed my day very well though I didn’t join them at the cafeteria during break. After school, we went back to the hostel, took our baths and later went to the refectory for lunch…

I don’t want to bore you irrelevant stuffs that’s why I fast forward it…
It was a beautiful sunday evening and we all sat inside the hostel at Prisca’s corner gisting.

Prisca called out.

I answered, still laughing at the funny thing Mabel had said.

“We’ll be going out today after light out and you will be coming with us,”
Prisca said and fixed her gaze on me.
I immediately stopped laughing and looked from one person to another.

Light out was always by 10pm and once the bell is rung by that time, everyone is always expected to be inside the hostel. “Why?” I asked. “Where do you girls want to go to?

[b]“Till then Becky. You will find out when the time is right,”
Prisca said and stood up, then left the hostel.

I sat speechless, wondering what they were up to and to worsen the whole situation, no one answered a single question I had asked. I did all I had to do that night with great fear inside of me but nevertheless, I was determined to stay strong…
At about 10pm that same night, we all gathered round Prisca in the middle of the hostel. She muttered intangible words and I soon found myself walking towards a river with only my white underwear and pant. We got to the bank of the river and stopped. There was no mooj light but everywhere seemed to be very bright, maybe because we all wore white underwears. I had always heard of spirits and water beings and even read about it but never in my life did I ever think of meeting one talkless of standing beside.

I watched Prisca do some stuffs and later turn to us. “Let’s go, it’s time,” she said and held my left hand.

I began shaking vigorously. “Where are you taking me?” I asked with quivering lips as reality began to dawn on me.

“You saw the sacred cup and now you must be part of us,” Prisca said with her focus on the flowing river.

“What sacred cup? Let go of my hands now?” I screamed.

“I told you,” Rita said stepping forward to stand infront of us. “Going to her spiritually would have been easier than this.”

“But we can’t go back now, she must be initiated tonight,”
Esty said.

“Initiate,” I thought. “Could it be I’ve been caught in the web of evil? Oh father Lord, have mercy on me,” I began praying silently in my mind…


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