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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 26
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The room became very silent after the Queen mother had spoken but inside of me, I felt like I was going to explode.
I stood up almost immediately. “Hey! What are you insinuating?” I flared up.

“Go back and ask your mother some questions,” the queen mother said in annoyance but I cared less about her anger and was very much determined to get answers to the questions that kept flowing into my subconscious mind.

“Answer me now?” I barked furiously.

“Take her away now,” she shouted, already beginning to shake vigorously.

“I’m not going anywhere till I get an explanation or rather an answer to my question,” I said defiantly. Truly, the effect of TRAUMA(PAINS OF LOVE) began to take it’s toil on me. I felt the pains of David’s love leading me into the trauma I was in as at that time and also the pains of having a mother like mine. At that point, I felt shattered and devastated and at the same time, emotionally down.

Prisca and the rest stood up, then Becky1 held my right hand.

“Let’s go Becky2, so you won’t regret your actions,” she pleaded but I remained adamant and that caused me a lot.

“I’m not going anywhere till I
get all the answers to my questions,”
I said, almost shouting coz I was really pissed off but adamant behavior turned out to be something I regret till this day. When it seemed all pleas fell on deaf ears, the queen mother made a sign at them and they all moved aside from me.

The next thing they did was to pull off their bracelet. I almost jumped out of my skin as their legs turned into a fish tail.

I was stupefied as cold shivers ran down my spine. Prisca then moved to the inner room and came back with long black box that looked like coffin. I stood transfixed to the spot and when I finally found my voice, I started screaming.

“I want to go now, I’m ready to leave,” I pleaded but the Queen was far too angry to listen.

“I will now do to you what I do those that disobey my orders with so much boldness. What Gloria, your mother did is bad enough for me to kill you but I will only punish you,” The Queen mother said and started laughing out loud. She laughed so hard that everywhere began to shake. It was as if I was standing on a floor filled with banana peels. She raised her sceptre high and surprisingly, the higher she raised the sceptre, the higher I was also lifted and flying in the air. All this time, she had a smile of schadenfreude on her face as I float in the air. Soon she began twisting and turning the sceptre round and of coz my body also twisted and turned as well like a snake.

“Oh god mother, the greatest being ever liveth, arise and show your power,”
The queen mother shouted on top her voice, standing up to in the process.

Meanwhile up there, I felt I was going to die coz I was running out of breath but they(Prisca and the rest) were all less concerned. They were busy smiling like fools.

“It’s barely two weeks since I started schooling there but look at what mom’s over protectiveness has caused,”
I thought to myself, then shouted out loud, “I hate you mother, I hate you with deep passion.” Immediately I said that, they all bursted into laughter which annoyed me the more but I couldn’t shout anymore coz I was dying slowly.

Seconds later or so, a very big python appeared in the air infront of me. “Father Lord have mercy, do stuffs like this still exist in this world,” I thought and began screaming.

The more I screamed, the more I was loosing my breath. I looked down and saw Prisca open the long black coffin with a smile on her face. Then the python drew closer to as I had stopped twisting and turning. I tried screaming again but I had lost my voice. My breath was failing me badly.

“Oh god mother, the greatest and most adorable, give to her what she has never received before. Make her pay for disobeying us. Make her pay for her mother’s mistake. Oh god mother, I present to you your evening meal,” The Queen mother concluded and dropped her sceptre, then she, prisca and the others started squeezing their fingers with an expressionless face. The more they sq££zed, the more it felt like someone was squeezing my neck. They sq££zed and sq££zed. I had thought I would fall since the queen mother had dropped the sceptre but I didn’t. Finally they stopped squeezing their hands and I fell into the open coffin with a loud thud. The last thing I saw before passing out was the python falling inside the coffin with me. Hmm… This world is terrible…



While my eyes were still closed, I felt a movement beside me. Someone or something was romancing me and at the same fondling my boobs. To be honest, the feeling was good. I jerked open my eyes to see myself lying face up on a bed while a very beautiful woman in her late fifty or so lay on top of me. One of hand was trying to pull off my pant while the other was fondling my b***s. I tried pushing her away but some strange forces held me back. Her face was full of smiles as she finally pulled off my pant and dipped a finger into my p***y making me scream in pleasure..
Though I felt good but I couldn’t understand coz before I had passed out, I could only see a big python falling inside a casket with me but now this, A woman, making me feel so good.

Suddenly she removed her finger and sat up, staring at me. I also sat up and stared at her.

“There’s something unique about you,”
she said. “I don’t understand it but a strong force keep attracting you to me, I feel very strong love for you which is very strange to me coz love doesn’t exist in my world.”

“What are you talking about?”
I questioned.

“What l mean is, I’m unable to harm you as expected. Something, a strong unseen bond keeps drawing me closer to you thus making me unable to harm you,”
she continued while staring at me directly in the eyes without blinking even a second.

I began feeling scared and suddenly couldn’t look at her anymore. I still found it difficult to believe that I BECKY JAMES could be talking one on one with a water being in this life. So many people face challenges in life but my secondary school days wasn’t just a challenge but an adventure and discovery as well.

“Don’t be scared, I won’t harm you, come on, put on your undies and follow me,” she said and handed me my pant and underwear. I reached out and collected it, her hands were very cold. She smiled at me and nodded while I stood up and wore them.

Then she held my right hand and led me out of the room.
She led me back to the throne room. The queen mother, Prisca and the rest looked shocked to see me.

“I want you to be silent while I talk,” the woman said to me and I nodded.

“Mother, why are you holding her right hand, she isn’t part of us?” the queen mother asked with a shaky voice.

“Yes, she isn’t part of us but she happens to be my choosen one because she has won my heart,” the woman said with a smile.

“No never, it can’t be mother,” the queen mother said, pleadingly.

“Mother you can’t just…”
Prisca started to say.

“I have choosen her and that is final. No one, I repeat no one, not even she herself can stop me from making her my right hand Queen,” the woman said with all amount o seriousness.

“What will be my fate now?” I asked myself rhetorically…



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