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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 3 - Episode 1
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The look on everyone’s face was that of anger and disdain.

“Please, I don’t want to be a mermaid,”
I pleaded.

“Mother, she isn’t interested,”
Prisca started to say.

“Shut up or I strike you dead,” the god mother snapped with a raised voice.

“I’m sorry,” Prisca mumbled and looked down.

“Better,” she said in a whisper, sounding like an hissing snake. “Henceforth, you all will have to listen to her, come give me a hug,” she turned to me with a smile on her face. I obeyed and hugged her and the next minute, I landed right inside the hostel….

I really felt very tired and all I could ever think of at that moment was to sleep, so quickly climbed my bed and drifted off to sleep within a couple of seconds.

Someone spoke to me in the dream and though I couldn’t see the face clearly, I heard everything perfectly well.

: You have encountered so many problems in life but be rest assured, I am with you always and after a night of sorrow, comes a morning of joy. You will face many challenges but at the end, you will overcome,” he concluded.

“Who are you?” I wanted to know but the person disappeared. I woke up almost immediately and sat up on my bed. I looked, Prisca and the rest lay on their beds as if nothing had happened. I couldn’t sleep anymore, so I picked up my Bible to read but surprisingly, the Bible I left on my bed was nowhere to be found. I tried getting up from my bed to search for it but something, some strange forces held me back. I couldn’t marry my upper eye lid with the lower again, so I just sat, folded my hands and crossed my legs till day break…


Immediately the alarm rang, everyone jumped out of bed and soon became very busy. We went through the routine of doing our morning duties, going for morning exercise, bathing etc etc. We later went for the morning prayers but I found myself not being able to join in the singing nor prayer sessions. Prisca kept on throwing me dagger looks but I simply ignored her which I guess annoyed her the more but I cared less…

After the morning breakfast and assembly, we all filed to our different classes…


In the class, the teachers that came in to teach kept on staring at me like a piece of laboratory equipment that needed to be experimented and vice versa but I cared less though I couldn’t stop thinking of why they were staring…

During break, Rita came to me and sat on my seat. I wondered why coz they(All of them) had refused talking to me earlier that morning and even ignored me when I had greeted but I didn’t care. Even since my previous night encounter, I started caring less about so many things.

She called and made to place her hand across my shoulder but I shrugged her off and she sighed and place them ontop my locker.

“What is it?”
I asked rudely.

“A right hand Queen isn’t meant to be rude,”
Rita smiled.

“I am not your right hand queen or whatsoever?”
I retorted in an irritating manner but with a low voice.

“Will you please be calm and listen to me?” Rita questioned.

I eyed her angrily and sighed. “Speak!”

“Your mother will be coming today.”

My eyes bulged out in shock. “Who told you?”

“Have you forgotten who we are?”

“For the very last time Rita, I am not one of you,”
I rejected but she ignored me and continued.

“When your mom comes, don’t listen to her,”
She said.

“But why?”

“Nothing, just do as I say,”
she concluded and stood up. I called after her but she refused to answer and walked out of the class.

Minutes later, a student came to inform me that the principal want’s to see me.

“Maybe it’s mom,”
I thought as I followed the student to the principal’s office…

In the principal’s office, mom immediately ran to hug me as soon as I entered but I pushed her away thus surprising the principal a great deal.

“You wolf in sheep clothing, devil incarnate, what do you want?”
I blurted out.

“I know they must have told you but you have to withdraw from this school,” mom said pleadingly with misted eyes.

“Which school mom?”

“Royal pearls.”

“This particular one or…?”

“This one Becky.”

“What makes you think I’ll listen to you this time?”

“Because I’m your mother.”

“You are not my mother,”
I shouted.

“Enough now,”
the principal said and stood up while I glared at mom…

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