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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 3 - Episode 2
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The principal looked from mom to me but as usual, I wasn’t bothered even one bit.

“You are not my mother,”
I repeated unabashedly.

“For the very last time Becky James, enough now,” the principal shouted, hitting his fist on his desk in the process, then turned to face mom. “What exactly do you want ma?” he asked.

“I want to take her back to Prestigious school,”
mom said. I could tell from the way she shook that she was scared of something.

“Why mom? What is wrong with royal pearls?”
I asked sharply.

“Shut up Becky,”
the principal ordered for the umpteenth time. “What is wrong with you?”

“Nothing sir, just tell her to go back home because I will never change school again, I’ve had enough,”
I said, visibly annoyed.

“Becky!!!” the principal shouted, his voice echoing around the four corner’s of the office. “Shut up!”

“I will sir but just tell her to go back home,”
I concluded and left the office without turning back even though the principal asked me to…

Rita came to me again but this time she didn’t sit.

“That was cool, we’ll handle the rest,”
She said with a smile and left as quickly as she came.

Soon, it was after break and the government teacher came in but I wasn’t interested in the teaching. My mind was far away, very far away. I even doubt if I’d pass any of my examinations that term because my saying I felt devastated was an understatement. I felt more than devastated but what can I say, absolutely nothing because life isn’t a bed of roses.

Soon it was after school and I rushed out of the class to the hostel before anyone else…


I waited outside for the rest to come back coz Prisca was always with the key. They came back in groups of others. Since I was leaning on the door, I decided to shift aside so Prisca could open the door but she refused to open.

“What’s wrong na?”
Gold asked.

“Prisca please open the door,”
Esty pleaded.

After some minutes of pleading, she finally opened the door and we entered.

I just hissed and sat on my bed. “Nonsense, jealous human beings and their hatred for one another,” I said aloud as I pulled off my sandals and socks.
Prisca threw her sandals down and walked barefoot to my corner with her face looking like fried akara balls.

the sound came sudden and unexpected. It took me seconds to recover from the shock and to realise that I was the one that had just received the resounding slap.

I stood up in anger and faced Prisca just as the others gathered around us. “Did I offend you?” I asked calmly while holding my right cheek that had been slapped.

“Exactly my question Prisca, did she offend you?”
Becky1 asked as she placed her right hand across my shoulder, soothingly.

“This isn’t fair Prisca, why would you slap her for no reason?”
Mabel added, looking really pissed off.

“You all are now supporting her right?” Prisca questioned looking from one person to another.

“We ain’t supporting her but her offence is what we want to know,” Anny said.

“You know mother won’t spare you for this,” Rita concurred.

“Whatever, who cares?” Prisca hissed and walked back to her corner.

I made to go after her but a voice inside of me restricted me, so I became calm and sat back of my bed.

Becky1 said and I nodded, then Rita walked over to Prisca’s corner to confront her.

“What was the meaning of that?” Rita fired.

“What do you think it means, serves her right,” Prisca hissed again.

“I guess you know what punishment awaits you right?”
Rita questioned.

“Just get out,”
Prisca shouted and pushed Rita away making her stagger, though she didn’t fall.

“You pushed me?”

“And I will push you again and again and probably beat you up if you don’t mind your business.”

Rita cried out in a low voice which I guess was inorder not to attract the attention of others.

Immediately Rita called mother, Prisca was carried up high in the air with an unseen force and threw down with a loud thud. Strokes of cane started landing on her body but I couldn’t see the person that was flogging her.

“This is strange,”
I thought as Prisca began screaming for help in a voice that was barely audible…


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