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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 3 - Episode 3
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The atmosphere became tensed as I stood and watched in horror as Prisca sprawled on the floor in pains.

“What’s going on here?”
I asked but it seemed as if I was the only one bothered coz I received no reply. “My patience is running thin, please someone should tell me what’s happening to her?” I asked a second time.

“She got what she deserves so I see no reason why you should have pity on her,” Mabel said and hissed loudly.

“Are you kidding me,”
I began. “Someone is here on the floor, almost dying of spiritual attack and all you can say is rubbish?” I fumed.

“It would be better if you put your voice on a very low key,”
Anny said.

“Meaning what,”
I shouted.

“Very well then, you can save her,”
Rita added.

“How?” I inquired.

“You will have to touch her,”
she said with a smile.

“You mean only a touch from me can save her?”

they chorused in unison.

I concluded and moved forward to Prisca but as I stretched forth my hand to touch her, an unseen force pushed me backwards making me stagger, though I didn’t fall. I moved closer to her again and within the speed of light, I touched her and surprisingly, she became steady, then opened her eyes few minutes later and stared at me.

“Thank God you’re okay,”
I smiled.

“Don’t you ever mention that name again!”
Prisca ordered and stood up, then began dusting her uniform. Cane marks were written all over her body.

I exclaimed and stared at her in amazement. “You are such an ungrateful b---h,” I hissed, eyed her angrily and walked back to my corner.

“You all need deliverance and I’ll make sure I destroy that group of yours and deliver you all,”
I muttered while trying to pull off my blouse.

“You mission is impossible,”
Becky1, who was behind me whispered.

“We shall see who is stronger, God or mermaid?”
I said defiantly.

they said in unison. “We shall see…”

The rest of the week was full of grudges and I hated every part of it. I couldn’t just imagine or get an explanation to why peace cottage suddenly turned into a quarelling zone. Hatred and gossiping polluted the air with it’s fowlness. It became one day, one trouble…

Then one day, disaster struck. It was a hot saturday afternoon. The sun shone like God was so much angry with man that he had decided to punish them with the hotness of the sun.

Since it was very hot and I couldn’t sleep, I decided to stay on my bed and read. I sat on the bed with my back to the wall, I placed my pillow on my thigh and was reading a novel titled, “UNBREAKABLE LOVE” BY NOBLEQUEEN_NYONG.

Rita called as she came to sit on the edge of my bunk.

“Yes,” I answered without looking at her.

“Do you really want to destroy us?” she asked calmly.

I closed the novel and looked up at her. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked and folded my arms.

“You will loose your mother in the process, right now she’s down in health and might die anytime soon,”
She chuckled wickedly.

“What nonsense,” I exclaimed and stood up, then threw the novel on my bed. “What has my mother’s life got to do with my plans of destroying you all?” I asked.

Rita stood up as well as faced me with an expressionless face. The others inside the dormitory just stared at us without saying a word. “You will have to pay with your mother’s life.”

I said in annoyance.

“You can only save her if you join us,”
she continued.

“I said never,” I shouted.

“Let’s see,” she smiled and left.

I stared after, breathing heavily. To say I was worried is and understatement. I was worried sick. I turned to sit back on my bed but to my greatest dismay, the double bunk began moving towards the middle of the room by itself.

Strange, isn’t it?????

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