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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 3 - Episode 5
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The students began rushing into the classroom. Some even had to struggle through the door and I’m sure they would have even used the window if it wasn’t louvres. Soon, I was dragged out naked and led towards the principal’s residence…
At the principal’s residence, The students kept on shouting and screaming till the principal came out with few staffs that lived inside the school premises and made them keep quiet.

“What will be my fate now?, how will I explain to them that I was actually kissing David?”
this questions with thousand and one others filled my subconscious mind.

“I warned you! Didn’t I?”
a voice whispered behind me.

I turned to face the person, “I have faith in God and I know he will deliver me from your web of destruction,” I said and faced the principal again but everyone now stared at me like I had gone crazy.

“Who were you talking to?”
the principal asked as a student threw my day wear to me which I wore quickly.

“Prisca sir,”
I replied and turned back but saw no one. I became restless. “She was here, she spoke to me,” I ranted looking around. Then I looked up and saw Prisca at the far end beside a tree, smiling at me in a mischievous way which made me quickly realise I had been played.

“There she is,”
I shouted and pointed at Prisca.

“This girl needs to leave this school, she has completely gone insane,”
one of the teachers said

“I will give her mom a call right away,”
the principal said and walked into his house. He wore just a singlet and three-quarter shorts.

The students and teachers began murmuring amongst themselves.

“I don’t even trust all this new students, they leave their school to another to soil the reputation of the school,”
a female teacher said.

“Yes,” another concurred.

I just stood there as hot tears streamed down my face. I was confused and devastated.

I was still very young but my life experiences made me feel like an old woman but nevertheless, I still believed and had faith in God.

Soon the principal came out and all became very quiet. “All the students should disperse,” he ordered and within a flash, the students turned and left quietly and obediently.

“I called her mom but her cousin picked. He’s coming over to take her home,” the principal concluded.

Minutes later, Nath arrived and without much delay, I went to hostel to pack my stuffs…
“Angel Becky,”
Rita laughed as I walked into the hostel.

“I love the way you kiss,” Prisca added with a smile.

I choosed to ignore them as I quietly packed a few stuffs into my school bag.

“I might be going home now but trust me, it’s not yet over coz the battle has just begun,” I said, picked up my school bag and walked the door.

Prisca jumped out of her bed and held me, “I dare you, Becky James.”

I simply hissed, shoved her off and left the hostel…

“Becky, Is it true?”
Nath asked as we drove along the street.

“Is mom alright,” I asked instead.

“Answer me,”
he said.

“No, you answer me,”
I frowned. “Watch out,” I screamed but it was already too late as our car crashed with an oncoming vehicle and then everything blacked out…

Getting more twisted and daring…

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