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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 3 - Episode 8
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I was confused and didn’t know what to do, so I grabbed his d**k and soon he began screaming in pains coz the way I held him ehn…

“You will never be able to destroy us, no matter how hard you try, marine world will still exist,”
a voice said behind me. I turned, lo and behold was the river goddess smiling at me. I quickly released the pastor, opened the car door and got out.

To my greatest dismay, I got out, only to find Prisca and the rest surrounding the car. Everywhere looked deserted and that was when I realised that nothing but thick forest surrounded us.

“We’re here, fight us,” Prisca smiled. I advanced towards her but the pastor came out of the car and stopped me.

“Go to back to the hospital, your mother needs you now more than ever,”
he said.

Immediately I heard my mother, the thoughts of destroying the mermaid vanished from my head but how to get out of there became a problem. Then the river goddess came out of the car and walked towards me.

“Your mother’s life will be taken in place of you,” she said and touched me, then I quickly found myself infront of the hospital…


I quickly rushed inside and straight up to the ward I had left mom.

Inside the ward, I met the doctor, my auntie, uncle and Josh running around and trying to save mom. I ran up to her and held her hand. She was trembling.

she called out slowly. “I have misled you, pls forgive me,” she pleaded.

“I have forgiven you mom but you can’t die now,” I cried but mom just smiled and breath her last. I couldn’t believe it that mom died right infront of me.

I screamed the last thing I heard was hold her…
According to my auntie, I was in coma for a month and I could only talk after two months of coming out of coma with the help of a therapist.

A year later, I was taken out of Nigeria to complete my education and I later got married to David…

I decided to pen down my experiences and that was how I met Noblequeen Nyong which led to my return to Nigeria.

I hope you all learnt a thing or two from my story. I was delivered but I still encounter nightmares and problems but
thanks to my husband who understands. The
pastor who destroyed the mermaids lost his life as well and I know they still exist but God isn’t asleep.

Never doubt the power of spirituality and always be prayerful. Pls y’all should always put me in your daily prayers and ask God to strengthen me…
Special thanks to Noblequeen, my husband, the readers and all who stood by me…
God bless.

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jacky atemo
Jan 18
I love the story , thax for encouragement,
Jan 27
very interesting.... thumbs up for you
Feb 11
can the story be real. intereseting
Mar 04
Wow! Such an interesting story.
May 22
The best write up ever. Very very insteresting. I am really learning and enjoying at the same time.
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