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Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 244
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Nikhil says Tanu has to ensure he is CEO of Abhi's company and he wants to know all of Abhi's business details.

Alia tells Tanu that Nikhil is right.
Nikhil says he will go and handle the paperwork and come back.
He leaves with the lawyer.
Tanu asks Alia why she supported Nikhil.

Alia says they have to be careful because the divorce papers are with Nikhil's lawyer and if they make Nikhil angry then the divorce won't be processed.

Purab is listening outside the door.
Mitali is in the room trying to talk to Raj.
He tells her that he's not interested in what she has to say.
She begs him to listen but he ignores her.
She tells him that Pragya and Abhi are divorced because Abhi tricked Pragya into signing the divorce papers.

Raj becomes worried.
Rachna enters the room to tell Akash and Grandmother that Pragya said Abhi apologised to her and it has given Pragya a reason to want to fight for her man.

Purab enters the room and tells them what he overheard in Alia's room.
He suggests that they break into the lawyer's office to steal the divorce papers.

Later at night, Purab and Akash get to the lawyer's office building.
The security guard tells them that he is not around.
They tell him that they have important documents to hand over to him.

He tells them to go and drop the documents in the office and leave.
Purab and Akash enter the office and start searching.
The security guard wonders why they are taking too long.

He goes to check on them and sees them searching the office.
He switches on the lights and threatens to shoot them if they test him.

He goes out to make a phone call to the lawyer and tells him that there are 2 thieves in his office and he has locked them in
He says one of the men is named Purab.
The lawyer asks if he's Abhi's friend.

Pragya is in bed.
She gets a call from Akash who tells her what happened.
She asks why he didn't tell her before doing what they did.
He begs her to try and get them out of the mess.
Abhi is sleeping on the bed.

Praya sneaks out of the room to go and inform Grandmother and Rachna.
She asks if they know about it.
Rachna says she told them that Pragya wanted to fight for her marriage and it made Purab and Akash come up with the plan to help.
Pragya says she doesn't know what to do.

Rachna says they have to go and help them.
Grandmother offers to follow them.
Pragya says she doesn't want more people getting involved so she will go alone.
Tanu enters the lawyer's office and gives Purab a slap.
Alia stands outside watching.

Nikhil asks Purab if he came to steal the divorce papers.
He says he now knows that Purab has been supporting Pragya all along and Purab has betrayed him.
Abhi falls out of bed.
He looks for Pragya around the room and wonders if she left him.

The lawyer makes a call to the police to report Purab and Akash for breaking in and trying to steal legal documents.
Pragya arrives and she's surprised to see Alia.
Abhi enters his grandmother's room and sees Rachna with her.
He asks where Pragya is.
Rachna goes into a long tirade that doesn't
make sense.

Abhi knows they are hiding something from him.
Tanu invites Pragya into the office and accuses her of sending Akash and Purab to try and steal the papers.

She makes fun of Pragya and says Abhi would be disappointed in her and wouldn't feel guilty anymore for tricking her into signing the papers.
Pragya is unable to respond.
Tanu says Abhi's wife, his best friend and his cousin betrayed him and he needs to know.
She takes out her phone to call him.

Nikhil takes the phone from her and takes her outside.
He takes Tanu to another office and she asks why he stopped her from calling Abhi.
Nikhil says if Abhi comes they will also get exposed because Pragya will tell him about them and Alia.

Alia enters and says Nikhil is right.
Tanu asks where she was.
Alia says she was making a call outside.
She says Abhi will find all of them there and they will be in trouble.
Abhi sees a missed call from Tanu so he returns it.

He calls her and asks where she is at 2 AM.
He says she, Alia and Pragya are not home.
Tanu says she needed ice cream and asked Alia to come with her.

He asks where she is so he can come to her.
She says she's on her way back.
He asks what's really going on because he saw Grandmother and Rachna awake but they looked like they were hiding something.

Tanu returns to lawyer's office.
Pragya begs her to let Purab and Akash go because she's the one Tanu has a problem with.
Tanu says she has one condition; Pragya won't tell Abhi anything about the child being Nikhil's baby and she won't interfere in her plans to marry Abhi.

Pragya is quiet.
Tanu tells her it's her choice.
Abhi is dressed and wondering where everyone could have gone.
He gets a phone call that shocks him and he hurries out of the house.
Rachna tells Grandmother to call Pragya.
She tries the number but Pragya terminates the call.

Grandmother tells Rachna that she has no choice but to go and meet Pragya.
Tanu tells Pragya that she has just 5 minutes to make a decision.

Purab tells Pragya not to make any promises to Tanu.
He tells Nikhil to talk to Tanu.
The security guard comes to inform Nikhil that the police are outside.
The police enter and tell Purab and Akash that they are under arrest.

Pragya tells Tanu that she agrees to her terms.
Purab says he's prepared to go to jail and doesn't want Pragya to give in to Tanu.
Abhi walks in and asks what's going on.
Everyone is shocked.

The inspector informs him that Purab and Akash were trying to steal legal documents from the lawyer.
Abhi begs the police to allow him to talk to them as they are his best friend and his cousin.
He asks them what is going on.

Purab and Akash remain mute.
Abhi asks Nikhil what's going on.
Nikhil says he just got the call from his lawyer that people were trying to steal from him.
Abhi asks Pragya why she's there.
She says she got a phone call saying Purab and Akash were in trouble.

He asks why she didn't tell him to come with her.
She says she didn't want to wake him up.
He says he knows she's hiding something from him.

He asks Tanu what she's doing there when she lied she was at the ice cream parlour.
She stutters.
He says he knows she's hiding something and they all are.
Abhi goes back to Purab and Akash but they still don't talk.

The police inspector says it's time to take them to jail.
Abhi asks for the documents they were trying to steal.
The lawyer gives them to him.
He sees the contract stating that Nikhil will receive 30 percent of his profit.

He says the papers are not signed and it's obvious someone wants to commit fraud against him that was why Purab and Akash were trying to steal the document to protect him.

The inspector asks the lawyer who gave him the documents.
The lawyer is unable to speak.
Abhi accuses him of being in cohorts with one of his family members.

He asks who the family member is.
The lawyer doesn't respond.
Abhi makes a phone call the police commissioner to tell him what has happened.
The commissioner orders his men not to arrest Purab and Akash.

Abhi tells Nikhil that he will deal with him later.
Nikhil leaves.
Abhi asks Tanu and Pragya what's going on but they don't respond.
Grandmother and Rachna arrive.
Abhi asks what they are there for.
Grandmother says she discovered Pragya and Tanu were missing.

Abhi says he knows they are hiding something from him and he will find out.
Outside, Nikhil complains to Alia that he almost got into trouble and Abhi suspects him.
Alia reminds him that he won't get anything except Tanu marries Abhi.

Nikhil says if he doesn't get anything out of the plan then he will tell Abhi everything.
Alia tells him to lower his voice when speaking to her as she's not Tanu but Alia Mehra.

She tells him to think about what will happen if Abhi finds out about his plan with Tanu because he will have to forget about his dream as he won't even get a job in Abhi's company.
Nikhil thinks to himself that only time will tell who gets what position, who gets to stay in Abhi's house andwhogets thrown out; he has to look out for himself.

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