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Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 245
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Tanu wakes up to see Alia looming over her.
She asks her why.

Alia says she can't sleep.
She asks if Tanu has realised that if she gets into legal formalities she might not be able to get married to Abhi so she has to marry Abhi.

Tanu asks how she can get married without Pragya's divorce.
Alia tells her it's possible as long as she keeps it a secret.
Tanu says she what's a big grand wedding.
Alia reminds her that the baby will soon be born and might look like Nikhil.

Tanu says she can't force Abhi.
Alia says she will talk to him.
Tanu says okay.
Alia says they also need to see a gynaecologist for a medical report.
Tanu is confused.

Purab and Akash are in Grandmother's room.
Pragya walks in and Grandmother asks what happened.
Pragya says Abhi says he wants to go to the lawyer's office.

She says she knows Tanu must be planning something big and she needs to do something to stop her.

She berates Purab Akash for what they did and warns that next time, they get her permission before they do anything like that.

Alia and Tanu meet Raj in the house.
Alia asks him whose side he's on.
Raj says he is not on anyone's side.
Alia tells him that he needs to pick a side because Pragya will soon be thrown out of the house and he needs to be wise in making his choice.

He says he doesn't need anyone as he's trying to be independent.
Tanu goes to Abhi and gives him a fake report stating that her baby would be born prematurely.
Abhi says the baby is not due for another 2 months.

Tanu says the baby can be born any day and they need to get married right away.
Abhi says he's not divorced yet.
Tanu says they need to do it as soon as possible, like tomorrow.
Abhi says that's too soon.

Tanu says she doesn't want their baby to be called an illegitimate child.
She tells him to make a decision on what's more important, his reputation or their baby's life.
Abhi says if that's the only solution then he will marry her tomorrow for the sake of the baby.
Tanu hugs him in excitement.

Abhi asks what he will tell Pragya.
She tells him not to worry as she will take care of it and by this time tomorrow, she will be known as Mrs Abhishek Mehra.
Pragya enters Grandmother's room and doesn't see Purab.

She asks where he has gone.
Purab returns to the room.
Pragya is about to speak but she sees Purab looking very sad and contrite.
He gives her a card telling her he's sorry.

She tells him that he's like a brother to her and she doesn't want to get any of them in trouble.
Purab says he is promising not to do anything without her permission again.
Grandmother asks what the new plan is as they still have about 2 months before Tanu's baby arrives.

Akash suggests they bribe a priest to say Abhi and Tanu can't get married for a year.
Pragya says Tanu will get married regardless.
She suggests they all go and think about it.
Robin comes to tell Pragya that Tanu is asking for her and waiting in her room.

Pragya enters the room to meet Tanu putting all her clothes into a suitcase.
Pragya asks what she's doing.
Tanu says she wants to help Pragya pack up because of what will happen tomorrow morning.
She taunts Pragya over the issue of the failed theft and tells her that she will be getting married to Abhi tomorrow.

Pragya asks what she's talking about.
Tanu says Pragya married her boyfriend and it's time to put her in her place.
She asks if Pragya thinks Abhi will stay with such a plain Jane.

She says Pragya will never have any class so she should just forget about Abhi.
Pragya is too stunned for words.
Purab asks why Tanu asked for Pragya.
Abhi enters the room.

Grandmother asks what's wrong.
He says he apologised to Pragya and she says she has forgiven him.
Grandmother says she has forgiven him too.
He says it's now time to do what he got divorced for and he will be marrying Tanu tomorrow morning.

Grandmother is shocked.
Abhi is sad and his words are forced.
He says he wants all of them to be there.
He leaves the room.

Akash says they have only 12 hours to come up with a plan.
Grandmother says she feels very sorry for Pragya.
Grandmother enters Abhi's room and sees Pragya crying.

Pragya says she won't let Grandmother see her crying again; she doesn't want to fight any longer as she has lost and she lost a long time ago.

She says Grandmother was wrong when she made her believe in the bonds of her and Abhi's love, now she has nobody to call her own anymore; she lost her sister and her mother is not in any condition to help her.

She says luck is never on her side and there is no place for the truth now.
Grandmother says it's not over yet as the anger Pragya is feeling shows she's still ready to fight.
She tells her to remember she's not divorced yet and until Tanu is legally married to Abhi, she can't give up.

Pragya looks tired.
Grandmother says there is still time before the ceremony.
Pragya says she already signed the divorce papers and the wedding is about to happen.
Grandmother tells her that Abhi still belongs to her and until Tanu becomes his wife, she needs to fight.

Abhi sees Tanu holding her wedding dress.
She tells him to wait while she puts it on.
He tells her to put it on tomorrow.
She insists on wearing it.
He yells at her to put it on tomorrow.
She is shocked.

He apologises to her and leaves.
He enters his room and sees Pragya.
He sees a cock roach and grabs her in fear.
She tells him that the cockroach is gone.
She pulls away and he tells her that they can talk till morning.

She sits on the couch and he asks if she remembers when they first met and he saved from drowning; there was a connection between then as he carried her in his arms and looked into her eyes.

He asks if he can carry her like that again.
She stands up and he lifts her up.
He puts her back down and she tries to talk but he tells her to give him a second.

He takes the cup of vermillion and puts it in her hand.
He brings her wedding chain and remembers the day they met at the jewelry store and the chain fell.

He says they didn't know how things would turn out but it's the little things that brought them together in the end.
He begs her to put on her wedding dress for him.
She says she doesn't want to remember as it would hurt.

She tells him that it's getting late and he should go to sleep.
Abhi leaves the room.
In the morning, Nikhil wakes Tanu up with a phone call.

He sings a congratulatory song for her and says he's on his way to the airport to pick up his in-laws, her parents.
She asks why he's doing that.

He says he has to start preparing for when they get married eventually.
Pami and Mitali go into the kitchen to ask the servants for breakfast.

Robin says Pragya hasn't given any instructions.
Mitali says things have changed and Tanu is the new madam of the house.
Robin says he will have to quit because Pragya treats him with respect while Tanu treats him like a slave so when she becomes the madam she will be unbearable.

Pami asks who will do the work if he quits.
Alia enters the kitchen and says Pami and Mitali will do the work and she will make sure of it because Tanu is her best friend.

Pragya is sitting in her wedding dress.
Abhi wakes up and sees her.
He says he must be dreaming.
She pinches him and says it's not a dream.
He is surprised.
He says it's like a dying man's last wish.
She covers his mouth.

He says he won't die because he has a reason to live.
He begs if she can do one more thing for him.
She asks what.
He begs her to come to the wedding with him.
He has tears in his eyes.

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