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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 14
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To all the ladies out there,never trust any other lady with ur man(not even your blood).Beauty was completely oblivous of the events going on under the table.Pearl’s hand and her mother’s leg were arousing my p---k and it was throbbing ready to fight any transgressing p---y.I could not react as beauty was their and after eating,she asked me to accompany her to her room.I cuddled her till she slept and when i got to my room,i met pearl lying on my bed naked and since i was greatly moved,i joined her in bed and we started french kissing.

I Directed my hands to her boobs and literally squashed it while she m0aned.She was very experienced when it comes to kissing and i would not allow her beat me.We were virtually sU-Cking our lips while i was smooching her boobs.I let my finger roam into her p---y and furiously,i rubbed her c--t.She cared less about being caught and so she m0aned very loud.She went on her knees and gently s----d my p---k.She deep throated my p---k and with the way she was doing it,i was thinking she was a b---h.She later lied on the bed and i eased into her tight p---y and when i withdrew it,blood started coming.It was there and then that i discovered my assumptions were very wrong.She was a virging and she was the second virgin i would disvirgin.

After we had s-x,she went back into her room and i was too tired to shower,so i slept off.

The next day was a little bit wierd.

My girlfriend who i guess never knew what happened was her usual self but the only problem was Mrs thomas.

Every time i move where she was,her eyes were always on my p---k.One important thing about me is that after the f-----g a girl once,i lose all interest in her.Looking at pearl,i remembered the day she slapped me and how i badly slapped her p---y with my d--k.

Mr thomas came the next day and asked me to get dressed that we were to go for a visit to one of his business partners.

We got there and i was introduced as his son.Coming to his business partner,his mame was mr ade,with a wife and a daughter who was just the same age with me.

Dad or rather mr thomas asked me and her to go and play as he had something to discuss with her parents.

She took me to her room and she asked for my name which i told her.

Her name was Anna and she was a little bit beautiful.

She made a comment saying i was very handsome and that my girl friend was very lucky to have me.

I knew where she was going so i played along.She asked for my whatsapp contact and i gave it to her.

All through the discussion,we were sitting on a bed and then she asked me to massage her thighs.

I proceded to massage her thighs and while i was doing it,she was greatly moved and i unconsciously found my hands in her p---y.

I was now fingering her but i had to stop when mr thomas told me it was time to go back home.

Inside the car,he asked me if got along well with her and i wanted to lie.

He told me he took me there because he wanted Mr ade to award a contract to him.

I asked him if mr Ade signed and he said no.

He asked if i had Anne’s number and i said yes.

He told me that her parents listens to her very much so i should convince her to tell her dad to award the contract to us.

I asked him how and he said i should try all means even if it involved s-x but i must not fall in love with her.


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