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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 15
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I was still confused about what he was saying.Here was the man who gave me a life formatting slap for cheating on his now asking me to go ahead and cheat on her.

As i have heard,man is so cunny that he could change his law a hundred time to suit his interest.

We got home and i went to rest as i was greatly tired.

During the midnight,Mrs thomas came to call me and told me that i was to help her hold something in the kitchen.

I accepted and followed her sleepily and she took a chair.

It was then i noticed her competely as she was in a short gown which barely covered her a-s.The gown also revealed too much of her boobs.I asked her what she wanted and she told me she wanted to start cooking earlier as she had somewhere to go.She climbed the chair saying she wanted to try a recipe for our breakfast so she wanted to pick the necessary things.

She asked me to hold her leg as she didnt want to fall.

I held her leg and when i looked up to check what she was doing and what i saw was shocking.

I was presented with a well shaved p---y with no [email protected]

I could see her fresh a-s so i was greatly moved.

My p---k was standing at all joint and was ready to pound any d--k.

She came down and started cooking dipping both her hands in oil.

She then asked me to rubb her thighs as it was itching and both her hands were full of oil.

I grabbed her thighs and was massaging it and i noticed that her breathing changed.

She asked me to move futher and my hand was lying directly on her a-s.

I was gently scratching it when she asked me to be more rough.

I was not on a normal boy as my d--k has taken over thinking from my brain.

I was madly and roughly squeezing her a-s caring not that she was my adopted mother or i was meant to be her son.

She asked me to scratch between her leg and i slid into her p---y.

She m0aned and i was now unconsciously fingering her p---y.

She humped to meet my t----t as i was going in an out.Suddenly she released her o----m on the basis of preparing a recipe.I left her her after she came and went to my room.

She came to my room and thanked me for scratching her thighs telling me i would continue the next time.

The next day on whatsapp,Anne asked me to come to her house as she was home alone and i told her to contact my dad.

When she called mr thomas,he game me transport fare and eased another thing into my pocket.

After i got to her house,she took me inside and she locked me in a french kissing and started holding my p---k.

I layed her on the bed and began tweaking her n-----s while she squirmed to my touch.

I eased my hands into her p---y finger f-----g her hard.

She was m0an!ng hard and when she was on the verge of cumming,i removed my hands.

She tried to push my hands desperately and i ducked.

She asked me why and i said promise me that if i proceed,the contract would be awarded to my father.


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