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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 16
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I have heard several time that not only men promise irrationally during s-x,but women tend to do so more.

Well she promised she would tell her dad later but i commanded her to do so if she wanted my p---k and because she had no other choice,she called her dad and when i called my popsy,he confirmed that he has being awarded the contract.

All through the call,Anne was busy blowing my p---k.After the call,i picked her up and la!d her on the bed,parting her p---y and dipping my p---k deep into her p---y.

She m0aned hard and i f----d her very hard.After i f----d her,I was thinking she would be clearly angry with me but while smiling,she told me i was the first person to make organism out of her.

She also praised me for what i did and told me that if i havent done that,the contract would have gone to someone else.

She later invited me to her birthday which would come up the next week.

I slept off immediately i got home and during midnight,i was woken up by mom and she asked me to help her.

I was wondering what help i would render again when she suddenly went inside the toilet.At that time,she was wearing a long gown while was in a tight boxers.

She told me she wanted to wash the floor so i should hold the gown for her.

I held the gown for her and when i looked forward i saw that she was not wearing [email protected]

Despite the fact that i f----d in the afternoon,my d--k stood up and because i was close to her,it was rubbing her c--t.

She m0aned out loud and i immediately inserted my d--k into her p---y.

I f----d her very hard to the extend that she was crying.

She begged me to leave her but i paid no attention to her.

I later left her after cumming.

There was this girl who was a holy girl in our class.

She had all assets but she was always keeping it.

I dont know how she heard about my sexcapades and she was bent on changing me so she invited me to her fellowship.

When i got to the fellowship,i dont know what really got over me but i was feeling very h---y,we started praying and while i was praying,i was rubbing her a-s.

Because she was closing her eyes her began squeezing her a-s.


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