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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 17
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One thing a guy must know is that no matter how holy a girl is,once your hand touches her p---y then to hell with her holiness.

While she was busy praying,i was massaging her a-s.

I read earlier on one site that if u touch a girl’s a-s crack,she tends to get more h---y.

I tried it with her and when i touched it,she slowed her prayers and started breathing heavily.

I was suprised she offered no resistance as i slid my hands into her p---y and started fingering her.

Since she was wearing a gown,it was easier for me to lift her [email protected] down and i freed my p---k dipping it deep into her p---y while others were praying.

She didnt even complain and at that particular moment,i felt she was not holy but only pretended to be so.

While others were praying,i was f-----g her harder.

Immediately the prayer ended,i cummed right at the moment everyone was saying amen.Later when i got home,dad gave me a car as a gift for my heroics in securing the contract for him.

We had another visitor,and that was mary who was an elder sister to beauty and pearl.

She was a fresher in an expensive private University.

She was really beautiful and posessed all assets.

I dont know how she knew me but she hugged me immidiately she came calling me her brother.

The following evening,she asked me to accompany her to a night club(all because i had a car and i knew how to drive it)and i accepted.

It was my first night so i never drank.

I just sat watching how some smoked and drank while some were smooching.

I sat alone as mary had gone to her bf,she later came with one girl and asked her to take care of me.

The girl thought i was an innocent guy so she asked me to dance.

I knew she had it in mind to tease me but when she started,my hands were already on her boobs.

We did a lot but mary came and saw us,looking at us in a deadly way.


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