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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 20
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In a family,when the head of a family is corrupt,then the surbodinates can do nothing than to wreck havoc on others.That was what came to my mind when i saw mr thomas ramming into an unknown lady in the cinema,beside him,all the couples were having a thing in the cinema.Seeing that greatly moved me and i continued ramming in to her.I later came and i asked the girl for her contact but she refused telling me it was only for that night.I never even paid attention as i had enough problem to deal with already.I left the cinema and drove home.

I was now pretty famous in school probably because of my sexcapades.

I now had juniours,seniors and even teachers after me.

I was pretty bored of my relationship with beauty but i didnt want to break her heart.

She triggered the break up when i found her f-----g my best friend.

I broke up with her and by the next day,she was already dating my best friend.

It pained me but i was more than that as i had girls trying to be my gf.

After breaking up with her,i was now free and i was planning my first move.

We had series of copers teaching in our school.There was this set of twins who were very beautiful.

Their names were Ngozi and Nneka.Ngozi was the first to approach me and she invites me to their house and i usually go.

She invited me oneday and i accepted although it was reluctantly as her sister does not like me.When i got there,she served me a plate of rice with plenty meats and i ate.She brought her laptop and played a romantic movie.

I guess she was trying to s£duce me and there were s-x scenes in the movie.At that time,we were lying on the bed and we were close to each other.

As i have learned to control myself,i was waiting for me to make her first move.

She also expected it but she could not hold herself so she moved closer and was grinding her a-s against my p---k i gently la!d my hands on her boobs.

I guess she was waiting for this as she immediately grabbed my p---k.

I sq££zed her boobs hardly and she m0aned.I lifted her gown up an i discovered that she wasnt wearing [email protected] started fingering her and she was m0an!ng.I was very h---y so i didnt demand for b-----b.I slid my d--k in and was f-----g her hard. She was m0an!ng very hard and i was ramming into her.She had already cummed while i was in search of my organism.Suddenly,her sister entered and…. …


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