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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Since it seems this story is begining to bore you guys,i will make it into two,the future and the past.The first thing i want u to know about the future is that i now own mr thomas’ company.The first lady to fall into my trap was my first secretary.

My father’s secretary resigned and so i placed an advert up,and there came la!de.

She was a deeper life member and was very religious.

Like an average deeper life member,she does not make up,no earring and so on.

Despite all this,she was very beautiful.

I appointed her as my secretary and i honoured her because of her religion.

I never regarded her as a sexual tool as all her assets were well hidden.

The day i saw her as a lady was just a co incidence.

It happened that our security came late one day and he was the only one with the gate key.Everyone was waiting for him and when he finally came,we all had to share the lift.

We were packed like a sardine and la!de was in front of me.As people were squeezing together,i felt her move towards me and her a-s was directly on my g---n.

I tried to reposition mysely as it seems she was oblivous ofwhat was happening.

The more i position myself,the more my g---n pressed towards her soft a-s.

At that,my p---k was growing and was stretching into her thighs.

I sensed that she was doing this intentionally but i wasnt sure.

la!de pressed into me although she was not pushed.

I silently hoped the lift will get to our floor earlier but it looked as if it was slower.

In my h---y mood,i unconsciously started pushing my clothed p---k into her clothed thighs and yet there was no reaction from her.

I guess she was h---y and she was a squirter cus i felt something slippery from her skirt.

I leaned towards her and i started squeezing her a-s stilishly.

I concluded that she didnt know so i was very descrete in my act.

We got to our floor and she acted innocent and i concluded she was not aware truely.


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