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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 23
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A Peek in the future

Do you knw the feeling you get when after hearing sunny ade’s part in a song and you hear’falz the bahd guy in the building?,That was the feeling i got when i discovered that la!de has changed her dressing a little bit.

A deeper life who normally wore a flowing gown has now started wearing a knee fitted skirt.

The skirt did not help my situation because it packed and showed her big a-s.

Her seat was outside my office and close to my door and so i sometimes pass her section when i need to go!de was a lady who never missed lunch but since the incident that happened in the lift,she has started waiting a bit.

She would delay till i come out for lunch and when i do,She would open her laps and show me her net [email protected] which revealed her fresh p---y.

I was in dire love and i always took the chance of scoping her p---y.

I was now virtually crazy about her but i didnt know if she was doing this intentionally or i was the only one imaging things.

It happened one day that i felt like coming on a commercial bus,so when it was time to go,i wanted to board a bike.

la!de had no vehicle so she also wanted to board bike.

She was the first to reach the bus stop and when she got a bike,she sat and beckon on me to come.

I sat at her back and her soft a-s was acting like a drake to my whizkid’s p---k.

She was really tormenting me and she took every opportunity to grind her a-s against her p---k.


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