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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 24
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A blast from the past

I tried to avoid nneka in school.

I didnt know what her reaction would be.I later was invited to their house by ngozi.

When i got there,Nneka was not at home so we started making out and i was romancing.Suddenly, the door opened an in came the witch,Nneka.

Immediately she saw me,she flared up and warned me never to move near her sister(shey na me or her sister).

Her sister also replied her that it was none of her business about whoever she was bleeping and told me i must always come.

I was very happy to hear that but the witch had another game plan,she threatened to report me to the school management.

That meant i would be suspended and so i begged her that i would stay away from her sister.

Her sister was also speechless as it meant she would also be disgraced.

I immidiately left their house although a little bit afraid.

Not that i was afraid of suspension,but to the management,i was a very good boy.

I won the award for the most behaved students for three years.

You know how hard a celebrity lives their life?that was me.

I started avoiding both sisters and about three weeks later,something happened.

Nneka called me a certain saturday and asked me to come.

I refused but she threated to report.

The next saturday,i went to their house.

When i got there,i knocked on the door and Nneka opened.

She wore a agonizing seductive strap.

She asked me to enter and when i did,she offered me a drink.

I discovered that Ngozi at home.

Ngozi was not at home and she dressed provocatively.

What do you think her intention is?

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