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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 26
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I sat down and Nneka offered me a soft drink.She then asked me why i hated her.

I was suprised as she was the one who hated me.I asked her what she meant and she was like why did i choose Ngozi over her.

The way she was speaking,it was clear that they were always jealous of themselves.

I told her it was because Ngozi made the first move but the way she looked at me made me realize she had made a move long ago.

To all our ladies out there,if you like a guy,just go and approach him and stop giving him greenlight.

Not everyguy understands the green light stuff.Nneka was my Account teacher in class and long before she caught me banging her sister she was very fond of something.

She would invite me to her staff room and would touch me playingly in places;);).I never took that serious and considered it as a mistake.

She would flash me her boobs,[email protected] and i never counted it serious cause i have seen many [email protected]

It was during one of this her numerous staff room invitation that i met Ngozi.

As a sharp girl,Ngozi collected my number and we started chatting.

She would ask a lot of questions ranging from my studies to my life.

Our chatting got to a stage that we started discussing every thing about s-x.

She told me the amount of guys she f----d and how she had never reached an o----m.

She asked me if i ever digged a girl and i told her how i f----d a girl to tears.

She followed up and starte flirting with me and on one certain day,she invited me to their hostel.

Now her sister was now blaming me for being kind to her.

I was very suprised when she asked me to f--k her.

I refuse but she threatened to report me and i had to concur.

I grabbed her and sq££zed her boobs and we were kissing.

We were kissing so hard and i used my hand to remove her strap.

I started licking her n-----s and she was m0an!ng very hard.

I pressed her n-----s and i put my hands into her [email protected]

I was finger f-----g her and after like five minutes,she cummed.After her o----m,she could not move and it looked like she was dead.I poured water on her and she opened her eyes a little.

She was very tired and i la!d her on the bed.She no fit f--k and she dey blackmail ………

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