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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 29
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A peek in the future

Victoria was a very beautiful girl who was indeed a wife material.

I met her one day when i was home alone and there was no foodstuff.

She was in a blue gown that day and it would be hard to guess that she was from a rich background with her simple dressing.

She dressed in a very modest way but that made her the most beautiful lady i have ever seen.

She was on a line and so i also in a state of confusion joined the line.

I was still attractet to her so i asked her what she wanted to buy.

I was even suprised futhermore when she told me what she wanted to buy as girls her age would probably ignore.

She bough rice and chicken ang got a sit close to the entrance.

I Also bought Rice with chicken and i went towards her and sat with her.

I wanted to continue talking with her but i was thinking that she might not be a fan of someone eating and talking.

Contrary to my expectation,she asked me about my life.

I told her a little bit of me and we cracked jokes.I was really enjoying her and for the first time,i truely enjoyed being in a girl’s company without doing anything sexually.

After we finished eating,i asked her for her contact and she gave me urging we to call her.

I called her and we started chatting on whatsapp and i was so fund of her.

It seemed that i had fallen in love with her or i was the one that was just having a bad thoughts.

The almighty addict in me was telling me to call her and just use her as i have always done but the normal Micheal told me to leave her alone if i had no good intentions with her.

As you all know that the addicted micheal always beats the normal micheal,I invited her to my house one day and i served her tea.

She asked for a solid food but i told her i had no soup.

She told me she was coming and off she went to the market with her car and after five minutes,she was back.

Victoria was a soldier’s daughter and her dad was a retired major general in the Military.Her mom was a stark business woman so Victoria works with one of her mom’s company.

I was surprise when she came with foodstuff and cooked.We ate and she went to shower.We slept on the same bed and i was waiting to s£duce her

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