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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 31
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Like i said in the last episode,another series will now replace the series’ A BLAST FROM THE PAST’ which is the series ‘LIFE IN UNIVERSITY’.I will now explain the circumstances that led to the la!de’s encounter.After the end of my University education,my adoptive father called me and told me that it was time to take up the mantle and lead the company.

He showed me all workers of the company and how important they are.He then began to tell me the qualities and requirements of working in the company.

He told me three major things i must posses if i want to be succesful in the BENSON AND SONS LTD.

The first thing he told me was that i must always be punctual.

He told me that except on unavoidabe situations i must always come to the office.

He asked me if i had a girl friend but i told him i didnt have.He told me that no close acquitance of me(either family,friends or lovers)must be pampered if employed to the company.

The third thing is that there are some contracts that the only s-x can win. For example,if the owner of the contract is a man,then one of the female staff must try to s£duce him and if accomplished then the contract will be ours.

If it is a female, then i must be ready to stand up to the occasion or rather find someone capable .

He later hand over to me but on the condition that he would review the progress every month .

True to what he said, a company invited us amongst other firms to a contract briefing.

Like my father,the owner left his daughter as the manager as he was very old.

His daughter’s name was funmi and she was very beautiful.Let me tell you this,our firm had no chance in the bidding as there were bigger and better firms.

I decided to follow papa’s way and i started to make plans on how to get funmi to lay with me.

She was a bit snubbish at first and didnt even care about who i was but she started to pay attention to me When she probably saw how handsome i am.

I got her contact and we started chatting on whatsapp.

I got to know many things about her and the first thing is that her parent treated her as a prisoner throughout her childhood and she was willing to explore and do things she could not do.

The second thing i got to know about her is that she had been scheduled to marry her father’s friend for the sake of her father’s business and she knew the marriage was going to be boring so she wanted to have all fun before her marriage.

After three weeks,i invited her to come over to my house and she came.

She came dressed in a mind blowing skimpy dress and the gown made her look beautiful.When she arrived,She went into the kitchen and she started cooking and i went into the kitchen so she would not be bored.

I sat at one corner and we were discussing but she was making me go crazy as she would occasionally bend and tease me with her a-s.

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