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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 32
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Victoria slept close to me and i was getting restless.

I didnt want to scare her off but at the same time,i was very h---y.

I drew closer to her and i cupped her b----t from the back as i started groping her boobs.

I guess she was sleeping but when she woke up she took my hands off her boobs and told me that she was a virgin and though she wanted to have s-x with me,she would rather wait till we are married before attempting to have s-x with me.

I tried to brainwash her and i told her it meant little but victoria maintained her stance.

I was really h---y but she was the first woman to refuse my advance and i really respected her for that.

Though i asked her to date me, i never meant it as it was only a ploy for me to taste her stuff. Since then,i started growing to love her and mehn she was really a nice spouse.

She would come every week and she would cook for me,tidy up my house and she would take a very good care of me.

She was the mother i never had and the sister i never got close to.Since she had been with me,i had fell in love with her and i had stopped my romps.

But then she had this sister who was her step sister.Like she earlier told me,her step sister was always a pain in her a-s.

Her sister’s name was lucy and mehn we rarely talked.She was very rude and sulky.

It was the day that victoria decided to travel that i went back to my past.It happened that victoria had to go and meet her mother who stayed abroad since she divorced her father.

It was very urgent and she could not inform me about it.

As i had slept in their house before,i went over to their house and it was very late.When i got there,i was told that she travelled so i slept in the visitor’s room.

Lucy came to serve me and when she served the food,i was suprised when she actually sat on the bed beside me.

She was staring at me while i was eating and she suddenly asked me why i hated her.

I was really suprised when she asked me that question because it looked like lucy was the one who hated and despised me and would always behave as if i was an intruder although one thing i failed to notice was that she was alway friendly a bit in the absence of victoria.She asked me why i dont talk with her and i replied by telling her that i thought you never liked me.

As at that time we were discussing together,i noticed that she had sat in a way that her mini skirt has ridden up her laps and her yellow [email protected] were now very visible to me.

I was a little bit uncomfortable and my p---k was growing.

Before i could say jack,she had move closer to me and her right laps were on mine.


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