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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Funmi was really perfect in seducing people.One thing you peopole mst know is that we ve actually chatted more on whatsapp and i got to know that funmi only tasted s-x when she finished university and since then though she was obsessed with s-x,she could not find someone to bed her.She would bend and her thighs would be vissible.

I was very h---y although she would do these thigns as though it was unintentional.My boner was panting heavily inside my pant and she continued her innocent s£duct!on.It got to a stage that i moved closer to her as though i was going to check what she was cooking and when i moved closer,my p---k poked into her a-s an her skirt slid up.

I allowed my hands to freely roam on her bare a-s and she didnt react.The rate that she pretended as if she felt nothing was surprising to me and u started to sq££ze her a-s a little roughly.I was growing increasingly tired of her not reacting so without minding what she was cooking,i turned her towards me and i grabbed her mouth as i started to kiss her.She allowed my mouth flow freely inside her mouth before she reacted.

She reacted an we started frenck kissind,licking our toungues and lips.I dipped my hands into her p---y ang i started fingering her while she struggled to hold her m0ans.She also eased her hands into my boxers and she started to stroke my p---k.All these stroking and fingering were going on as we french kissed and this enabled us to m0an into each other’s mouth,We had to stop our romance as the food was burning so i left her a bit while she served our food.We went into the dinning room and we started eating.She could not look into my eyes and i now assertained that she was a shy lady.We virtually rushed through our meals and whe she stood up to pack the plates and do the dishes,i pulled her back and we continued our kiss.

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