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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 4
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It might interest you that i never knew what i did was a sin.

To me,it was a normal stuff but when God will have it,s-x was actually the topic we were being taught that sunday in teens class.

I knew i erred but i was grinning and feeling happy instead of being remorseful.

I was somehow proud of my self for bedding (or she beddem me)mother theresa.

As at that time,i was in senior secondary school two preparing to go to senior secondary school three.

Because i was greatly obsessed with my books,i was not aware of the happenings in my sorroundings.

The incident in mother theresa woke the demon in me.I started checking people’s a-s,boobs and looking under the table to have a glimpse of their [email protected]

I starte prying for victims and barely a week,i found one.

Her name was jane,a very beautiful and sexy lady.

She had approached me for a relationship but being a nerd,i refused.

After noticing her,i started getting friendlier with her and we became close friends.

We had a children’s party in our school one day so i asked her to dance with me.

She accepted and we started dancing.

I was touching her stuffz stylishly and she knew.

I took her outside the venue into an empty class and i hugged her.

I kissed her and started smooching her.

I took her hands into my trousers and la!d it on my p---k.

She started stroking it and while she was stroking it,my hand was inside her [email protected] stroking her c--t.

She was an innocent girl willing to explore and i exploited that.

I made her kneel and asked her to blow my p---k.

she blew it and i la!d her on a desk hoping to penetrate.I put my hands inside to finger her but something was obstructing it.

I discover that she was a virgin.


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