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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 5
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I really appriciate your advice.

I will try to take that into consideration.

I hesitated but she grabbed my p---k and guarded it into her p---y.

I stroked and f----d her hard,when i was about to c-m,i pulled out nd came into her mouth.

We dressed up and went into the hall.

After i left the party,i felt remorseful and decided to confess to our father but what i saw was really out of the world.

Sitting on the table was our father john with his trousers on his knees and kneeling in front of her was mother theresa blowing him.

At that very moment,i vowed to futher go deep in my waywardness.

During mass,i sat with a very sexy girl.

Her name was Gift,she was very decent but i decided to add her into my collection.

While others were busy praying i was staring at her boobs.She felt uncomfortable and went to sit on another seat.

Because i was very brilliant,i had extra lessons with those willing to learn and she was one of them.

I made sure i had eye contact with her and started making flirty jokes.

At first she was very uncomfortaby but she started feeling very free.We became a very close friends and i knew virtually everything about her.

She told me she liked me and i also said the same.

I told her i was gonna teach her some stuffz.

She agreed and i led her into one of the rooms for prep and i started smooching her.

She never moved but her breathings really changed.

I thought i was forcing her so i released her.

She immidiately dipped my hands in her [email protected]

I fingered her a bith and asked her to wait till prep.

I went to my dorm and was trying to figure out how to f--k her.

I stole mother’s key and during prayer,i took her to my room and started smooching her.

I went straight into her [email protected] and started fingering her.

She m0aned loudly and i kissed her to subdue her m0ans.

I forced her to blow my p---k and later f----d her.

After she f----d me,she took it into her head and started saying that we were dating.

I told her publicly that i was not dating her and she became the first of many girls i would break their heart.

My next excapade was in church with the preacher’s daughter which i will narate to you in the next update.

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