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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 6
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After the experience with janet,i noticed that the girls in my class are getting naughtier with me.

There was this girl who was the daughter of our pastor in church.Her name was precious.

Before i became a sinner(dont blame me,circumstances led me to that situation)i had notice she behaves like an introvert in church but behaves completly different in school.

She never talked with me but after i [email protected] janet,she was nicer to me.

Then there was this girl named beauty.

As her name suggests,she was extremely beautiful but it got into her head and she believed she was better than the others.

She never liked me because i always beat her in school works but after that experience with janet,she started talking to me.

There was another girl,sandra,a high class b---h who rolls only with the senior boys,she also got nicer with me.

Coming to the real story,precious move to my front so she could chat with me more and started flirting with me.

One day,i went to urinate and after urinating,i forgot to close my zips,as i entered the class,she was staring at me.

I asked her why and she replied telling me that i left my garage open.

I decided to play along and i asked her if she wanted to enter my garage.

She said she was willing to and asked me if i would allow her.

As i was getting hard,i told her to wait till sunday.

After the discussion with her,beauty came.

She took me to the library and started praising me.

She asked me if i would date her.

I told her to give me time to think about it,

I was hoping to keep her waiting and then accept so as to start bragging to my friends.

I was in the canteen one day when we were on the line preparing to buy food.sandra was the one standing in front of and when she discovered i was the one started rocking her arse on my p---k.

It stood up and she whispered to me that she met my p---k bigger than she was told.

I asked her who told her but she never replied.

While thinking,i decided to approach janet and asked because she was the only one i humped.I was in the library one day reading when sandra came and sat beside me.

She placed her hands on my lap and was moving it to and fro.

I placed my hands on her boobs and was smooching her.

After five minute,i heard something like a cry and when i looked up i saw beauty crying.

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