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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 7
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She actually left the library crying and everybody was looking at her and staring back at me.

I quickly stood up and followed her though she was heading towards the toilet.

I was calling her name but she did not reply so i ran after her and drew her back.

She looked back and slapped me very hard.

I always find it hard to cry but the sting of that slap brought tears out of my eyes.

I could not move for three minutes and when i stood up i went to the sick bay to report that i was sick.


I was really worried as i have never seen her that way.

I never knew she truly loved me as i thought like other girls she was after my p---k.

She avoided me like a plague the next day although i stole occasional look at her.

Because she had no friend,i couldnt get any help from people.

Because she was avoiding me i was really mad at myself for messing up.

During test,she really scored low and it showed that she was really hurt.

One morning on the assembly,i saw someone that looked exactly like beauty.

I enquired who she was and i was told she was beauty’s sister.

I approached her after the assembly and she asked me what i wanted.

When i explained to her,she asked me if i broke her sister’s heart and when i said yes i RECIEVED A SLAP STRONGER THAN THAT OF BEAUTY.

I could not cry but she assured me she would talk to her.

When i got back to the class,precious was trying to flirt with me but because of the sting of that earlier slap,i shunned her off.

On getting to dorm,i was told that i would be spending the weekend with our pastor at his house.

The pastor came barely minutes after and off we went to his house.

On getting to his house,i already saw precious grinning through the window and there and then i knew i was in for a strong thing.

After we ate and prayed,i was taken to the guest room but precious came and started gisting with me.

She placed her hands on my thighs and was stroking it.

The uncommon me was trying to resist while the addict was trying to play along.

In a confusing state am asking you what i should do

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